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Google Engage Events 2012

Google Engage: Brisbane 2012 This week saw the folks from Google Engage heading to Brisbane to host their Google Engage Master Class. As Google AdWords Certified Partners, the team from KOOK were invited to attend....
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Web Design: 10 Questions

Web Design Tips For Your Next Project If you’re struggling to find the perfect solution for your business’ website, the simplest piece of advice that can be given is to do your homework....
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Flash Is Dead

Why Are Flash Websites Insufficient? We have never been massive fans of Flash in websites here at Kook. Sure, it adds a bit of bling to things, but that’s about all it does well....
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Hacked Website Recovery

What to do if your website is hacked? If your website has recently been hacked there are a few steps to be taken regardless of what sort of content management system you are using. This is a general guide, specific guides are available for most commercial and open source content management systems....
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Joomla Content Management With a large user base and an extensive fan base it’s hard to ignore Joomla when looking for open source content management systems.....
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WordPress: 5 Benefits

WordPress For Small Businesses While the WordPress content management system is continually praised as a comprehensive blogging platform, it is rarely recognised as the affordable and effective website solution for small businesses....
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404 Error Pages & SEO

So you hit the “404 Error – Page Not Found” page. You’ve just clicked on a search-engine result, a link on a website or typed in the address yourself. What went wrong? What does the 404 Error page mean? There are a number of different ways that web masters can accidentally cause these pages....
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Manage AdWords Campaigns Offline!

Google Ads is no doubt an extremely powerful online advertising channel; yet often it can be time-consuming, tedious and frustrating. The Google AdWords Editor is an essential tool for any Ads digital marketing campaign manager....
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Meta Keywords Tag In 2012

What is the Meta Keywords Tag? Essentially, meta tags are the summarised information of a webpage for search-engine crawlers; communicating what the website is about, and what it has to offer. At it’s peak, the meta keywords tag could be included in the meta data section of a HTML document; communicating information regarding your website to both browsers and search-engines....
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The Pros and Cons of Open Source Content Management

Open source software; if it breaks you get to keep all the pieces. As many are aware there are a number of very popular open source content management systems on the market. These systems offer massive advantages for someone to start up a website on limited or no budget and quickly get a site up and running....
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SERP Authorship

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Authorship Typical search patterns usually involve clicking the links from the top, continuing down until the user finds what they’re looking for. So how do you get your content to stand out? If you’re a website publisher or search-engine optimisation professional, then you should already be communicating authorship of your website content....
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Timeline & Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook’s ‘Timeline’ feature The introduction of Google Plus has produced additional pressure on Facebook for more innovation and an ultimately more valuable user-experience. While the ‘Timeline’ feature has been on the back-burner for a number of months now (active on a majority of user’s profiles), the introduction of the feature to Facebook Pages is relatively new....
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The Importance of the Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines are important. Many businesses underestimate the importance of following the Google Webmaster Guidelines and the adverse effects not following these guidelines can have on your business. The guidelines while listed as a basic list of ideas are in fact a list of rules which, if broken, can lead to penalties being applied to your site which are quite difficult to remove....
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Like KOOK On Facebook!

Kook Facebook Page If you’re looking for a Facebook page that has some great industry related and industry specific information, then why not try the Kook Facebook page? In addition, we offer fun tips and an insight into the working minds of our team members & what we’ve been working on....
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Kook helps Emporio to drive traffic using QR Code

Did you see our client in the My Property Preview Magazine? Maroochydore development, Emporio launched a full-page advertisement in the ‘My Property Preview Magazine’ to promote the company’s latest phase of the popular Sunshine Cove development. Featured in the ad is a QR Code (Quick Response Code)....
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Kook’s Gone All Google Green!

Google is famously part of FORTUNE Magazine’s prestigious “100 Best Companies to Work For.” For the fourth year running, Google achieved a Top 5 ranking. Google is world famous for offering an innovative, creative, fun work-place environment working to cultivate employee satisfaction every step of the way. Here at Kook we are striving to achieve a similar work-life balance....
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