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Google Ads lead forms extension allows businesses to collect leads without a website

If your business has a website that converts poorly, or you want to present people interested in your business with the fastest way possible to send their information to you, this Google Ads extension may be perfect for you.

Looking for a way to get enquiries through Google Ads without sending users to your website? Google Ads has an extension (an extra block of text and icon that goes at the bottom of your ad) that may be perfect for you.

The Google Ads Lead Forms extension allows advertisers to setup a form that shows on mobile devices. Once clicked, the form comes up on the same screen as the ad.

The extra line of text in the ad looks something like this:

Google Ads lead form extension as it appears in an ad

Once clicked, and without going to another website, the user sees a pop up with the advertiser’s logo and a brief introduction, followed by a short form (usually with name, email and phone number). It looks like this:

Google Ads lead forms extension Kook's lead capture form

Once the form is submitted, the user gets a custom thank you confirmation and an option to either visit the business website or continue searching on Google.

Google Ads thank you message from the lead forms extension

Leads can be retrieved through the Google Ads admin, but Kook has also developed a webhook that allows leads to be emailed directly to you after they’re submitted through the Google Ads lead form extension.

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