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A year of hard work pays off in maximising returns for our client

One of our many clients' success stories from 2018, following a comprehensive overhaul of their online presence, highlights the importance of acting sooner rather than later to maximise returns.

With the first month of 2019 already done and dusted, we wanted to share one of our many clients' success stories from 2018 and stress the importance of acting sooner rather than later to maximise returns.


  • Family owned and run eCommerce business with small retail outlet located at Kawana.
  • 22% increase in organic traffic. 69% increase in sales from organic traffic. Additional $20,000 revenue December 2018.
  • $1000 monthly ad spend in Google Ads. Additional $11,000 in revenue for December 2018.
  • Consistently improving ROI (return on investment) every month in 2018 and the trend if continuing already this year.

In late 2017 we comprehensively overhauled this client's online presence. New website, sharper look, recategorised products, better user experience, a mobile friendly layout, more streamlined payment and shipping process. The whole box and dice. The new site went live in late November 2017, in time for the Christmas 2017 rush.

Our digital marketing team then swung in behind that with Pay Per Click (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc) as well as a structured SEO campaign, all of which we refined and improved throughout the year.

So we now have 13 months of data we can look at how the hard work has improved the business. Of course, it's not all us - these are very savvy operators, some of the best we've ever worked with. But they trusted us to set a course and here are the results.

Comparing December 2017 with December 2018 organic (search engine) traffic - while traffic was a super healthy 22% improvement, the quality of the traffic was significantly improved and/or the website did a significantly better job converting visitors to a sale, with a 69% increase in sales - $20K in additional revenue for the month.


Comparing December 2017 with December 2018 Google Ads traffic, a 100% increase in sales for an additional $11K in revenue. This was on an ad spend of just less than $1000. We have blurred the metrics because we don't want anyone knowing where the sweet spot is!

So Kook's new website, and management of SEO and Google Ads, made this business an additional $30K in revenue for December 2018. Not a bad Christmas present.

We haven't finished our full analysis for January 2019, but it is going to even beat those numbers. 

We're already in Month 2 on 2019, so don't leave it another year to act on maximising your business's returns. You could be the business we are featuring this time next year.

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