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What are fraudulent clicks?

Fraudulent clicks refer to the invalid advertising clicks from users, robots or software that increase advertising costs with little to no value to the advertiser.

Some examples of invalid clicks are listed below:

  • Manual clicks from competitors to disrupt advertising efforts
  • Clicks that are from robots or malicious software
  • Accidental clicks or multiple clicks from users (double-clicking an ad)
  • Impressions generated by the same user to reduce an advertisers clickthrough rate (CTR)

How does Google Ads manage fraudulent clicks? 

Google is great at detecting illegitimate or multiple clicks on ads, with its advanced AI allowing the system to proactively remove and refund charges from your Google Ads account data so that your advertising efforts are not affected by fraudulent clicks. This will be apparent in billing history on your Google Ads account.

In the very rare case however, that you determine fraudulent clicks are not being detected through Google’s automated system, you can submit a ticket with support, where you may be eligible for credit back for these clicks. Further examination of this data can be found through custom dimensions and reports on the platform.

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