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Kook offers all services from Search Engine Optimisation SEO to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to Social Media Marketing. Each has inherent benefits over the other, and none of them stay the same forever. New channels emerge. Demographics shift. Behaviours change. Our Sunshine Coast digital marketing team thrives on keeping our collective finger on the pulse, staying up to date with evolving user habits and employing innovative digital marketing strategy to reach your goals.

Digital Marketing
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Why choose a professional digital marketing agency?

  • What’s best practice today could be obsolete within months. You need to know you have qualified, experienced specialists working on a cohesive digital marketing strategy.
  • Kook has been building and marketing businesses online and offline for more than 20 years - before Facebook or Google Ads were even born, in fact. 
  • Everything we do is based on results. With no ongoing contracts, we win your business every month by proving our worth.

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Digital marketing packages to suit all businesses

Google Ads

Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, YouTube Ads. Don't wait for an audience to find you, go find them!

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Facebook and Instagram Ads

Target your ideal customer based on their demographics, interests, activities and behaviours.

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Social media management

80% of Aussies log in to social media every day. 91% of them are on mobile devices. Be where the eyeballs are.

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Search engine optimisation

85% of organic search engine traffic is from Page 1. At just 6%, Page 2 is effectively 'nowhere'.

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Microsoft Bing Ads

This often overlooked search engine is still 10% of the market, so don't knock it until you try it. 

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TikTok Ads

The most downloaded app in 2021. It might be for "kids" now, but those kids grow into the new generation of buyers. 

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Spotify Ads

With 6m free accounts that play ads while listening, Spotify Ads is arguably the most overlooked Aussie audience. Not at Kook!

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LinkedIn Marketing

Leverage Australia's biggest database of 15 million business professionals.

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Digital Marketing Tips

A results-driven Qld digital marketing agency

You can't manage what you don't measure. The cold reality of improving digital marketing is that there is no silver bullet, and your results won’t get any better until the day you start working on it. Doing nothing in a world that changes overnight means you are likely falling behind your competitors. 


Step 1

Discover & Plan

First, we meet you so you can tell us all about your business, and then together we plan how we can meet your business goals through digital marketing. Meet face to face in our Sunshine Coast office or via phone or online.

Step 2

Onboarding & Kick-off

During project onboarding, we’ll guide you through our processes and assist you with gathering all of the relevant access to get things started. You’ll then be introduced to your dedicated project manager.

Step 3

Campaign & Strategy

We provide you with an overview and brief you on our expertly-devised digital marketing strategy. We’ll get your approval on the creatives and messaging, and launch the campaign.

Step 4

Optimise & Grow

From here, we comprehensively analyse the digital marketing campaign and website data to further refine our strategy and continuously improve results to earn back your business each month.

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FAQ - Digital marketing explained 

Digital marketing is THE most measurable promotion you can do for your business. Talk to us and we’ll tell exactly what that is worth to your business..

In today’s world, more than 9 out of 10 searches are performed on Google’s search engine. Help your audience find you by utilising digital marketing to best highlight your products and services. The team at Kook follow new trends and analyse evolving user habits and can continually tweak your digital marketing strategy to ensure that your ideal customers find you every time.

Digital marketing is vast, ranging from Search Engine Optimisation to pay per click advertising and social media. Our team can help identify what type of digital marketing strategy could benefit your business most and we track the progress of that strategy to ensure return on investment (ROI).

Well, firstly, no other form of advertising can be targeted to demographic (like age, gender, likes and dislikes) and geographic (location). Secondly, there is no other form of advertising that can be tracked and analysed as well as digital marketing. You know when the click was made, how they interacted with your website, whether they made an enquiry, where they left your website and so on. It truly is the most powerful advertising.

Ask yourself, how many times have you clicked on page 2 of a search in google for a business? Showing up on the first page of Google’s search results improves the chance that a customer will use you. Giving your customers the path of least resistance to find your business and showing up at the top part of the page is going to help them find you to use your services or buy your products.

Different types of social media work for different types of business. Have you worked out who your target markets are and who your ideal clients are? Who is buying from you, or using your services. This data helps us to identify what type of social media will be best for your business. Absolutely! Each different social media channel has pros and cons, with different user bases and different reasons for going there. Kook can help you choose which one is best - and it may surprise you!

That’s okay, we do and we are happy to help. We can put a social media management strategy in place for you, freeing you up to do what you do best whilst still having an active social media presence. 

Absolutely. Every business has to start somewhere. We are always happy to catch up to learn more about your business and how we can assist you with digital marketing. From there we can recommend some strategies for different budgets.