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Kook sets itself apart in the digital marketing world by focusing on one thing: Return on Investment. We’re so focused on this our digital marketing group’s nickname is ROI. You can call us the Roys.

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Is your business advertising online and getting the results you want?

No business can survive in this modern digital world without paying close attention to their web advertising, such as Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) and social media marketing such as on Facebook and Instagram, as well as optimising other digital marketing initiatives.

Kook has the experience and expertise to drive relevant traffic to your website and generate more sales or leads for you from your business marketing efforts online.

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is crucial for any business, including tracking and measuring key metrics combined with continual optimisation to improve cost per conversion and maximise your return on investment – regardless of whether you’re targeting online sales or product/service enquiries.

This adaptive digital marketing approach delivers much stronger results than a  “set and forget” mentality after setting online advertising campaigns live.

How can a strategic marketing approach help you?

As a leading Sunshine Coast digital marketing agency and a Google Premier Partner, Kook has helps everyone from local small business owners and online stores to SMEs and nationwide companies based in Brisbane, interstate or overseas. Kook focuses on driving relevant traffic to your website in an effort to maximise your ROI.

Whether you are getting 10 visitors to your website or 10 million, quantity is not as important as quality. That is why it’s crucial that the right message reaches the right audience.

It’s also why it’s vital that when those prospective customers click through to your website they land on a relevant page that is optimised to convert, or else you’ll be wasting your click budget without seeing any sales or leads.

Our digital marketing experts are focused on three core attributes when determining any digital marketing strategy for a business that wants to grow its website traffic and online sales or leads: 

  1. Who is your audience?
    The days of scattershot approaches to advertising like television commercials or radio ads are long gone. Sending out one message to a huge audience is just wasting money. You can spend money showing ads, but if you don’t have a target audience in mind you’ll likely deliver your message to the wrong people and fail to get a positive return on investment. Kook defines your audience and focuses your digital marketing strategy on reaching only those who are most likely to become your customers.  

  2. What's your message?
    Crafting a relevant, engaging message that gets you business leads and sales in what we do. Creating messages that comply with rules and restrictions put in place by different advertisers can be a headache, but the digital marketing gurus at Kook are experienced, creative and ready to promote your business with the right message.
  3. Will your website convert?
    We can push all the traffic in the world to your website through online advertising or other web marketing methods, but if your website is poorly designed, users will bounce faster than you can say “Google”. Kook evaluates your website and makes optimisations designed to improve the conversion rate (the rate at which a visitor results in a high value action like an online sale, lead, phone call, or reading an important page or document.

Digital Marketing ROI

Why ROI is our No.1 concern for your business marketing

As a business, there’s little point in spending marketing dollars and getting no return on it.

What you really want to know is how much money your business has made in relation to how much you’ve spent. The “Roys” at Kook are obsessed with ROI as a key metric, and this obsession allows you to see the effectiveness of the money you spend on marketing.

E-commerce customers are provided with exact details of how much revenue each digital marketing channel returns. If you are not selling online, we still provide a cost per lead amount in your monthly digital marketing reports.

Not all traffic sources will work for your business. Kook has the skills, experience and relationships with many traffic providers to grow your business online through strategic web marketing initiatives.

Talk to the digital marketing experts at Kook about growing your business today.

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