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What are digital marketing touchpoints?

Digital marketing touchpoints refer to the online interactions consumers have with a business’s digital marketing strategy.

Each touchpoint in a digital strategy allows the consumer to engage with the business through a website, advertisement or app.

Online touchpoints include each stage of the customer’s journey, from awareness to consideration to action to loyalty. These online touchpoints follow the consumer through their path from their first impression of a business to actually performing an important goal on a website like submitting an enquiry, calling the business or buying something online. We call the end result of this journey a “conversion”. 

Why do marketers recommend using multiple touchpoints when advertising?

Customers use many different digital channels in their day-to-day lives, including search engines, social media apps, digital music and podcast apps, online video and more. With so much exposure to so many different types of content, it often takes more than a single ad on a single channel for the customer to perform that important conversion goal. Multiple touchpoints are often needed to prompt the desired response (an enquiry, phone call, online purchase, etc.) from the targeted audience. To get the targeted audience to convert it is vital to reach the right advertising frequency (the number of times a person is exposed to an advertising message). By maximising frequency and utilising different advertising channels, you create multiple digital touchpoints with the customer and increase the chances of getting the user to convert.

In simple terms, if you only run an advertisement on Meta Ads, your ad will only be shown on the specified Meta placements such as Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. If the user then goes to Google, the advertisement will not show and your business will lose an opportunity to further engage with a potential customer. However, if you create a Google display campaign targeting the same audience, ads will then follow this user across the millions of Google partnered websites while they are browsing, further reinforcing brand awareness with the user. An audio ad on Spotify and a video ad on YouTube can help create additional touchpoints, which further reinforce brand awareness. In addition, having a strong paid search and organic search strategy can then ensure that when the user is ready to visit your website and perform a conversion goal, they can easily find you.

If you would like to expand your digital marketing strategy into new touchpoints, get in touch with us today for a free digital marketing strategy.

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