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More than 15 years as a digital design and development agency means we know how to improve your business.

From advice on why one domain name is better than another, to driving traffic via advertising and social media, to monitoring and improving sales conversion for sites that sell $100,000 per month in product.

Did you know certain colours on an Add To Cart button drives higher sales? When you are talking big numbers, little things count.

Our experience, coupled with our creative ideas, will get your website strategy, design and marketing right – and convert traffic into sales.

Call our Sunshine Coast head office and we’ll prove it.


Stand out from the crowd.

Your business is, let’s say, 5% different to your competitors. It’s your “edge”. It’s what you want the market to know about you and why they should buy from you. Getting that message right is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Whatever your business, Kook can create a stunning and intuitive website design that communicates your difference to your customers.

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Is your website getting enough visitors?

Traffic management is critical in running a competitive website. However you need to know that any money you spend on website traffic is going to lead to revenue. This is where we are different from the rest. There are a number of different aspects that must be evaluated when growing your website’s traffic. Is your current website ready for the level of traffic your website will receive? Is the traffic it already receives converting to sales? If not, why not? If you aren’t certain, you could be wasting a lot of money ramping up something that isn’t ever going to convert. That’s the kind of company we are; we make things work.

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Leave it to the experts

At Kook, we understand the constraints on your time and resources, which is why we offer complete solutions in website maintenance, content management and digital marketing. We are trusted by several national brands to manage their entire online strategies, advertising and maintenance. We work with you; as much or as little as you need.

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Which marketing strategies work best for you?

Testing and analysing real data from your website is the first step in improving the value of the user-experience of your visitors. Maximisation methods such as A/B Testing, Conversion Optimisation and Multivariate Testing can be used to effectively determine which marketing strategies will work best for you. The usage of these maximisation methods can essentially take the guesswork out of the optimisation of your website.

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Managing AdWords budgets

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Blogs – just content by another name

“Do I need a blog?” Something we get asked all the time. Usually we ask why the client thinks they need a blog. “Because we’ve heard they help you rank better”, is the usual response. True, but it’s not the “blog” that makes you rank, it’s the content. And the very... read more

What Does a Website Cost?

What does a website cost? The question most people want answered first, but realistically you need to know answers to every other question first before a quote can be close to accurate. A better way of asking is “what’s your website worth to your... read more

“100% better conversion from search, and nearly 200% more revenue. A reliable, dynamic and experienced web development and SEM agency”… read more.