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Kook Website Design and Digital Marketing

For two decades, our team of web professionals have created and marketed more than a thousand websites spanning dozens of industries. We've built and marketed the simplest brochure websites to the most powerful software-to-eCommerce integrations, with outstanding returns for our clients.

We get results in Google search, AdWords, Facebook ads and remarketing

We often have people say "My competitor must be using a trick to get to Number 1 in Google." The reality of search engine optimisation is that there is no silver bullet and your results won’t get any better until the day you start working on it, measuring those outcomes and optimising them the further you go. To get the best results in your market, call our experienced team, pronto!

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A digital marketing agency with creative online advertising strategies and high-end technical nous

To understand how to succeed online you need a partner that knows not only how internet marketing works, but how to correctly design a website for all kinds of devices. Success is as much about speed and tech as what is contained on the pages. With the rapid increase in use of smartphones and tablets, you need 100% confidence the people in charge of your web design and online footprint know every facet of the game. 

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Is your website the best it can be? It's often the first impression of your business

With two decades of experience we know what we’re talking about! We are proud to say our creative strategies have helped more than a thousand businesses. Our ideas will get your online creative, strategy, design and marketing right - and convert traffic into sales. Call and speak with the most experienced and dedicated website design Sunshine Coast based agency.

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Making sure Google knows how you roll, not bounce.

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Did you know the way someone leaves your website is critical in how your site ranks? That's right, how they leave! Also, with a bit of cunning, you can specifically report back what your visitors are doing on your page, which Google will reward. It’s a bit of a mind-bender, but once you get it, it changes how you think about your site and maximising both your SEO and your sales funnel.

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3 key elements for achieving Google awesomeness

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Google is the top search engine for one reason. It has always stuck to its principles of delivering results with the best content and fastest load times for premium user experience. Regardless of its current popularity, Google knows that if it deviates from these underlying principles its users will start to drift away and seek out a better option for online searches. That’s why it’s not rocket science to understand what it takes to make your website achieve Supreme Googleness – although making it happen is somewhat more difficult.

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