Bespoke software development to maximise efficiencies

Doing business online has recently undergone a fundamental shift as businesses realise innovation does not come from the software you use, it comes from your business's unique processes using the data stored within it. We can help you tap into that data to streamline any business process.

Custom coding and programming
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Why choose a digital agency that can actually code?

  • A slow website won’t rank well no matter how good it looks. If your agency doesn't have coders, is your investment lost?
  • What happens when your business needs are not accommodated by the chosen platform? You need to be able get "under the bonnet" and adapt.
  • We work in all of the major content management systems (CMS), including WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal, as well as custom web design solutions in Microsoft .NET (dotnet) framework, PHP and more.

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Custom programming to suit all businesses

Website code optimisation

A slow website won’t rank well no matter how good it looks. Let us help you ensure your investment isn't wasted.

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ERP integration

We can get your business's data flowing seamlessly between your ERP and any web solution. 

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Ostendo integration

We've built some super-powerful solutions for businesses using Ostendo. How can we help you?

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CRM integration

Connect your CRM to your website and Social Media accounts for streamlined customer funnels.

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Website Maintenance

Regular attention keeps your WordPress website running like a well-oiled machine.

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Case studies

We have plenty of customers who will attest to our programming prowess. You can check them out here.

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Overwhelmed? Just call

If you want to know if it's possible, let's talk. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. 

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A world-class team, an agile process

Complex challenges require a team skilled in problem solving. From concept to completion our experienced in-house team use a tried-and-tested process to get you the results you need, on time, every time.


Step 1

Discover & Plan

We get as much info as we can about your business needs. It's absolutely normal if you don't have the full picture in mind, we'll bounce ideas back and forth. Where possible, face-to-face is best, but we work remotely with many companies. 

Step 2

Onboarding & Initial Spec

During project onboarding, you’ll meet your new Project Manager. Quite often the first stage involves a full specification including wireframes and estimated costings for the full build. If necessary we can plan functionality in phases to help cashflow.

Step 3

Build & Beta Testing

First we build the Minimum Viable Product, ensure everything is technically possible and the outcomes are as expected. We then add the flesh to the bones to build in full. Beta testing then takes place to find any wrinkles in the plan. 

Step 4

Launch & Support

It's not uncommon to find a few creases to iron out once it's launched into the real world with real numbers of users. From there we can plan the next big idea! 

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Frequently asked custom development questions

It doesn't matter where your data is stored, we can program custom code to analyse it and perform a multitude of business processes.

Custom coding, or custom programming, is creating and editing software tools, like the programs you use on your computer, or the integrations that your website needs to communicate with other platforms and systems.

We can create tools to solve specific business problems, or connect to existing programs you currently use.

Choosing a company who knows how to code can benefit your business in assisting to provide innovations with your software, CRM or programs that you use every day.

This provides continuous improvement, creating streamlined automation and efficiencies to give you and your team more time to work on your business. Software integration can have many benefits to your business including data accuracy, improved response times, increased sales, less admin, increased productivity and more repeat business.

Depending on how accessible the code in a software program is, it is possible to recode off-the-shelf software programs to achieve what your business is looking for.

“The Cloud” is just a name for large computers (often called "servers") that store information away from your local computer/office.

There is no difference where that data is stored. In fact, the cloud is easier for web applications to comunicate with as there is an internet connection to them. As long as there’s a way of connecting to any data via the internet or some other means, we can integrate the data anywhere.

Often this is done using APIs.