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White Hat SEO VS Black Hat SEO

If you are looking to improve your website’s organic search rankings, make sure you go for a well-established company using White Hat SEO techniques. White Hat SEO techniques are those that are recommended by Google and industry experts. Black hat techniques use overly aggressive strategies to try and get quick improvements in your organic search traffic, but usually have long term negative impacts on your website’s rankings.

Here’s a handy guide for you on each.

White Hat SEO
  • Uses optimisation SEO tactics and strategies that focus on human audience as opposed to search engines
  • Follows the search engine rules and policies and is approved by search engines
  • Improves search engine rankings while  maintaining integrity of the website
  • Contains proper research, craft titles, Meta tags, industry and relevance
  • Used for long-term goals and benefits
  • Beneficial to the user experience, brand and business
Black Hat SEO
  • Uses aggressive SEO tactics and strategies that focus only on search engines, not on human audience
  • Is not approved by search engines
  • Contains stuff and spam keywords into on-page contents to fool search engine spiders 
  • Creates blog comment spam, hidden text and links
  • Used for short-term goals and benefits
  • Degrades the user experience
  • Harmful for the business and brand

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