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Social media management case study: Bulking up social success for a fitness nutrition brand

It’s vital to remember, however, that the strategy around posting on your Instagram business account differs considerably to the strategy required on your Facebook page. Find out how we’ve helped the Australian distributor of an international fitness nutrition brand’s protein powder and sports supplements bulk up their social success across both Instagram – their primary channel – and Facebook.....
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Embracing a social media strategy that delivers on business goals

“Follows” and post engagement – such as “shares”, “comments” and “likes” – are often dismissed as vanity metrics but that is only true if you are failing to connect activity on your social media accounts back to real business objectives. Sales or leads should be the ultimate aim of any social strategy, with building brand awareness and turning customers into loyal brand advocates also worthy goals.....
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Quality assurance for your business’s new website

Quality control is paramount prior to the launch of a new business website. While it’s not uncommon for other website companies to prioritise the visual appeal and churn out pretty sites full of hidden functionality issues, which therefore fail to benefit your business in achieving its objectives, we steer clear of providing our clients such a disservice.....
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Roadmap to a successful website

Having started in ‘the business of internet’ before Google began advertising, our two decades of experience helping more than 1000 businesses of all sizes and from all industries has shaped our approach to providing customised web solutions. We realise you don’t always have everything planned out from A to Z, so we’re flexible in our approach. After all, when it comes to the web's many moving parts, it’s more about having a roadmap rather than a whole whitepaper. ....
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Increase the ROI of your website's 'thank you' page by keeping your business goals in mind

If you aren’t making the most of your website’s ‘thank you’ page, it’s akin to leaving money on the table. A thank you page is a page that a user is redirected to after filling out a form or completing a goal on your website ... but why create a dead-end and give them the green light to leave your site when you can optimise this page to help achieve your business goals?....
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Optimising your company’s approach to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful resource when it comes to social media marketing and is an important tool in particular for B2B companies, but it has the lowest frequency of visitation of all the major social networks. This is important to know, as your company’s messaging should be targeted towards less frequent usage.....
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Google PageSpeed Score - why it's critical to rankings

Google wants two things from a modern website in order to rank it highly – informative content and premium user experience. Because of this, Google assesses how quickly your site’s pages load and it knows if it’s all too slow your visitors won’t like it … so it will put someone else’s site above yours in its organic search results.....
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Google and its smartphone-friendly website icon

If you are a webmaster or search engine professional, then you need to understand the importance of optimising your search engine results. Even though some of these optimisations are seemingly insignificant, they can provide compounding benefits for your websites traffic and conversions. Since the listings within search engine results are relatively restricted by Google, small optimisations that set your website apart from the crowd are crucial.....
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Dealing with negative reviews

Online negative ratings, comments and reviews are an unavoidable risk of any business or organisation. It has been proven time and time again that dissatisfied customers and clients are more than likely to share their experience rather than customers who had a good to great experience.....
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The Google Analytics URL Builder

The Google Analytics URL Builder is a free tool from Google that allows users to analyse which of their marketing efforts are generating traffic and conversions. Whether you’re creating a unique link for your newsletter campaign or a Facebook status, the Google Analytics URL Builder produces much more reliable website traffic data. ....
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Google Gmail Ads

Google Gmail Ads now allow AdWords clients to run more action-orientated display ads that are easily implemented through the Google ad builder and have a huge reach (1 Billion Gmail users Globally each month). The GSPs are high-impact appearing in the Gmail inbox in a message-like format. ....
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Digital marketing advice for tourism operators

As a preferred web developer for the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, Kook knows many of the issues that face tourism industry providers. On this page, we have put together the first of a series of articles you may find useful, but there is a wealth of information going back many years in our blog you may also want to check out.....
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Snapchat Advertising with Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters are an exciting new way to build brand awareness and brand credibility. Snapchat has recently released an upload functionality for their filters which previously was only available for Snapchat staff. This gives birth to great campaign opportunities for businesses big or small who have good branding and/or a social disposition. Campaigns can be tailored to suit most budgets and are a great implementation for brands/business with upcoming events who....
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