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Should I upgrade to Shopify 2.0?

Last year Shopify announced their new Online Store 2.0 (aka Shopify 2.0), an upgrade to the existing Shopify operating system. The question on many Shopify website owners’ minds is “Should I upgrade to Shopify 2.0?”

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Case Study - Oasis Spas

A case study of Kook's digital marketing strategy for Oasis Spas, a manufacturer of high-quality spa baths, swim spas and plunge pools with over 30 spa stores around Australia and the South Pacific. Read more here.

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Case Study - Mooloolaba Dental

A case study of Kook's digital marketing strategy for Mooloolaba Dental, a general and family dental surgery located in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. Read more here.

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Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) versus Lighthouse

Lighthouse been around a couple of years, but has become the "go to" for Kook's developers as PageSpeed Insights (PSI) has become less reliable. Google actually claims that PSI now uses the Lighthouse engine, but as you can see below, a comparison shows they are nothing alike.

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How your business can capitalise on Facebook Australia news ban

Facebook has divided opinion – and left publisher business pages bare – over its decision to restrict publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content from February 17, 2021. But with change, there’s always opportunity and this definitely seems to be the case for some businesses in this instance.

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What happens if Google leaves Australia?

Google and the Australian Government are currently at loggerheads with Google threatening to leave Australia if Prime Minister Morrison doesn't find a suitable compromise. Read on to find out what this may mean for your online presence and how best to prepare digitally for any impending fallout your business may face.

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How your business can have a quack on Apple Maps

Are you getting your ducks in a row when it comes to online business listings? Here's everything you need to know about getting your business listed on Apple Maps Connect. Does your business even qualify for an Apple listing? Find out now.

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Update - The Small Business COVID19 Grant still has $7.5 million left for Regional Queensland Businesses

Are you a small business in northern Queensland? A high percentage of businesses in regional areas of Queensland have been approved for the Queensland adaption grants. Act now and apply if you haven't already. You can use these grants for website builds or upgrades, online advertising, social media and heaps more. That's $10,000 with no strings attached. This won't last much longer so act today!

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The Google Ads SEO shell game

Ever play three-card monte? Or a good old-fashioned shell game? Digital marketing has a similar shell game involving Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) and we’ve seen a few of our competitors use it to great effect.

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eCommerce revenue boost follows PrestaShop website makeover

A recent makeover of Australian children’s clothing boutique's PrestaShop website gave it a fresh, modern feel with improvements to branding, site navigation, how products displayed and the overall ease of use which translated into a higher conversion rate and more revenue.

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How social distancing is impacting how Australians use Spotify

Ad impressions on Spotify for Kook clients are increasing as they take advantage of more and more social-distancing Australians using the digital radio platform’s free streaming service. The trend being experienced is in line with Spotify’s own data showing in-home listening has risen considerably since the implementation of COVID-19 measures, with weekday use of home-connected devices currently on par with weekend use. Learn more.

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Navigating coronavirus as a business owner

We know businesses are struggling in the COVID-19 storm and we wish you a fast recovery. With plenty of experience behind us, we’re ready to go into battle with you, mapping out a website upgrade or devising smart digital marketing plans to prepare for when the shutdowns end. When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen. Learn more.

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Only 408 sleeps until Christmas

It's mid-November 2019 and with only 408 sleeps until Christmas 2020, it's worth considering what business goals you want to achieve by then! Check out the results from one of our clients we’ve worked with this year to reinvigorate their website traffic and sales leads.

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Social media management case study: Bulking up social success for a fitness nutrition brand

It’s vital to remember, however, that the strategy around posting on your Instagram business account differs considerably to the strategy required on your Facebook page. Find out how we’ve helped the Australian distributor of an international fitness nutrition brand’s protein powder and sports supplements bulk up their social success across both Instagram – their primary channel – and Facebook.

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