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Paid advertising: why our digital marketing focus is on ROI

Kook sets itself apart in the digital marketing world by focusing on one thing: Return on Investment (ROI). We’re so focused on this our digital marketing group’s nickname is ROI. You can call us the Roys.

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Paid advertising online

In the digital world, paid advertising is simply any online advertising that has either a cost per click component (where you pay for each click) or a cost per impression component (where you pay each time your ad is shown or viewed).

Online advertising and web marketing have several advantages over the traditional advertising mediums, including:

  • More targeting
  • More flexibility
  • More customisation
  • More accountability

The most effective online advertising uses comprehensive conversion tracking. Conversion tracking allows us to track all the high-value actions on a website (a lead, an online purchase, the click of an important button or viewing an important page). Conversion tracking also tells us exactly which online advertising channel has led to the lead or sale or key page view. It can even tell us all the different touchpoints that contributed towards that important action!


Advantages of Digital Marketing


Achieving a good return on your investment is not about how much you spend, it depends on smart marketing strategies and processes, and using tricks of the trade to ensure you are spending your budget where it matters most. While basic online paid advertising will yield a more effective and measurable return on investment over offline advertising channels, it is the expertise of the Kook Digital Marketing team that can help maximise sales and drive the company growth...

Paid Online Advertising Strategy ROI

Whether you’re advertising on social media or search engines, we can produce efficient and effective results every time. We can adapt and integrate with any of your current business or advertising strategies too, whether in traditional mediums or online.

Talk to the digital marketing experts at Kook about growing your business today with online paid advertising.

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