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Pro Tips for digital marketing success!

 Digital marketing

Pro Tip 1

Let's Get Social!

82% of Australians use social media an average of 1.4 hours per day. That’s 4 out of 5 potential customers. Kook knows how to find your audience on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

 Website design

Pro Tip 2

The Less Steps, The Better

People are impatient. The average website visitor will jump through no more than three clicks to get info they want. Kook knows how to make those clicks count. 

Google ads management

Pro Tip 3

Just Google It Mate

Less than 10% of people go to Page 2 of Google search results. Think of your own experience. Kook has the know-how to have your business on Page 1.

 Facebook ads management

Pro Tip 4

All The Small Things

Do you know that the colour and shape of the buttons on a website can impact sales by up to 33%? With Kook, converting visitors starts with the design basics.

Search engine optimisation

Pro Tip 5

The Rise of Tik Tok

People under 30 now use TikTok more than any other app. If that’s a valuable demographic for your business, let Kook help you get leads from TikTok - even if you don’t personally use it.

Branding and logo design

Pro Tip 6

Search: Organic vs Paid.

Google has two completely different types of search results. Being found in each has its own strategies. Kook will help customers find you in both.


Pro Tip 7

DIY Advertising Dangers

Businesses that manage their own Google Ads waste up to 50% of their budget on junk traffic. It might be hard to notice day to day, especially when you’re trying to run a business as well. Kook saves you money.

Pro Tip 8

Facebook, Instagram etc

Your potential customers use social media an average of 2 hours per day. It’s their most regular destination, and a perfect place to tell them what you do. Kook can help you reach them.

Pro Tip 9

Not everyone uses Google

Microsoft’s search engine Bing is the 2nd most used after Google. It can be a very cost-effective addition to your ad strategy. Kook can help you take advantage of this.

Pro Tip 10

Double Down with META

Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company. Using both in your digital marketing strategy comes at next to no extra cost. Let Kook help you increase your reach and save you money.

Pro Tip 11


Need to talk to people where they live? Targeting people on Facebook, Instagram and Google can be very precise, in some cases to within a few streets. Kook knows how to help.

Pro Tip 12

How's Your Site Looking?

Did you know the quality of your website can affect the cost of your ads? For starters, Google rewards websites that look after their visitors. Kook can help save you money.

Pro Tip 13

The Facebook Drip Feed

On average, only 8% of your Facebook page’s followers will see your social posts. Smart businesses don’t rely solely on doing just the Facebook basics. Kook can help you cover more ground.

Pro Tip 14

Customer Acquisition

Do you measure what it costs to acquire a new customer, or what their lifetime value might be? Kook can help you find out, and then work with you on reducing the cost of getting new clients.

Pro Tip 15

Optimising Google Maps

Not as many people know your brand as you'd like. So it’s not surprising that 80% of searches on Google Maps are for business services not business names. Kook helps you get found for what your business does, not just its name.

Pro Tip 16

Can't Keep Up?

It’s not just you.

Meta and Google products are confusing for most people. Kook’s digital marketing team are certified experts who can take care of it for you.

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