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How social distancing is impacting how Australians use Spotify

Ad impressions on Spotify for Kook clients are increasing as they take advantage of more and more social-distancing Australians using the digital radio platform’s free streaming service.

The trend being experienced is in line with Spotify’s own data showing in-home listening has risen considerably since the implementation of COVID-19 measures, with weekday use of home-connected devices currently on par with weekend use. In its words: “Everyday is like Sunday.”

While in-car streaming is trending downward, Spotify says listening across devices such as computer desktops, TVs, smart speakers and gaming consoles is growing as home-bound individuals and families use music and podcasts to pass time.

Users are also staying connected through an increased sharing of playlists, particularly among women between the ages of 18 and 34 according to Spotify, including baby-related content such as sleep-enhancing lullabies and rain sounds.

In addition to parents faced with the unexpected task of home-schooling using children’s podcasts on the platform as a way to feed their kids’ curiosity and learn new things while keeping screen time to a minimum, Spotify says the consumption of comedy podcasts – another genre that is often listened to with others – is also on the rise.

Unsurprisingly, the creation of workout and relaxation playlists is also spiking with streams for running, yoga, nature sounds and meditation tracks proving extremely popular according to Spotify, while acoustic “chill” music is also seeing more and more rotation as the craving for inner peace during this turbulent time grows.

The extra ears tuning in to Spotify certainly provides enormous brand awareness opportunity for advertisers, however context – delivering the right message at the right moment – remains important for brands to keep in mind. With the rhythm of daily life shifting, it’s important to take cues from listener trends and match ads to the tone of their “moment”.

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