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Google Ads credits for Australian businesses are now rolling out

Ad credits intended to help alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on Australian businesses have started to appear in Kook clients' Google Ads accounts.

As of 2 June, 2020, Google Ads has started to apply credits to eligible Google Ads customers: small and medium-sized businesses who have had an active Google Ads accounts since the beginning of 2019.

Google Ads says the ad credits will automatically offset future spend up until 31 December, 2020. Kook is monitoring client Google Ads accounts for credit notifications to ensure credits are applied.

Google Ads announced the ad credits at the end of March 2020, saying the initiative was to help businesses “stay in touch with their customers during this challenging time”.

It has since described the credits as “a gesture of support”, stating: “We know that businesses of all sizes have been facing unique challenges as a result of COVID-19.”

Ad credits are also currently rolling out for businesses in New Zealand and various other countries.

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