How to share access to your digital marketing

Facebook Ads and user management

Perhaps you've dabbled a little in advertising on Facebook with a boosted post or a promoted event? If so, you've probably setup your own personal Facebook Ads account. And if you'd like Kook to review what you've done or start managing this account, it's quick and easy to add us.

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Facebook Pages and user management

Does your business have a Facebook page? If you'd like Kook to give you some insights in to the page or start managing it for you, it's quick and easy to add us as an admin without giving out any passwords.

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Google Search Console and user management

The Google Search Console which is a part of Google Webmaster Tools has many great uses for improving the search engine rankings of your website. If you already have a registered Search Console for your website, you can easily add Kook as a registered user for our ongoing Webmastering and SEO services.

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Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Account and user management

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) provides the ability to easily share your account with others within your business and external organizations. You’ll also have the ability to change user access permissions or revoke user access at any point in time. You should never need to share your Google username and password with a Google Partner.

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Google Analytics Account and user management

In order to begin Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or management services for a website or to properly manage most digital marketing efforts, or even to make an informed recommendation on marketing efforts for a client, we first need to know everything we can about the traffic coming to that client’s website. A properly installed Google Analytics tag on a site will allow Google to collect information on all of that property’s traffic. Sharing Google Analytics

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