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Squarespace website makeovers

Have you built your own Squarespace website, but aren’t getting the results you want? Perhaps you’re generating leads or sales, but want to take things to the next level? A Squarespace makeover by Kook can include enhancing the overall design and the user experience, as well as strengthening your Calls To Action and ensuring strategic placement of confidence triggers for conversion rate optimisation purposes to generate you more business.

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More than just a Squarespace template update

Just because you’re on the latest version of Squarespace doesn’t mean the look and performance of your website can’t be improved. Having a poorly-designed website can damage your brand, hurt your search engine rankings, lower your conversion rate and generally be detrimental to your business success. Having functionality issues further exacerbates these problems.

While Squarespace comes with mobile-responsive designs and plenty of website templates to choose from, there’s plenty of pitfalls for those without experience in creating websites, such as:

  • Choosing the wrong template
  • Branding inconsistencies
  • Using poor-quality images
  • Information overload or design clutter
  • Text overlays on images that are hard to read
  • Not including confidence triggers or any clear Call To Action
  • Broken links or site navigation that isn’t intuitive
  • Generally failing to implement user experience best practices
  • Unresolved SEO issues – such as broken links, long titles tags or missing meta descriptions, that impact your search engine ranking

Whether you simply want a fresh look, to improve functionality and user experience, optimise the website for conversions or a combination of all of these improvements, Kook can review your website and determine the best course of action.

Isn’t Squarespace intended for DIY?

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) are billed as a simple way to DIY a website. But the fact is, if you opt to do it yourself, be prepared to spend a lot of time customising your chosen website template. You'll also experience considerable frustration as you spend more time diagnosing and solving every problem you encounter.

As the content on your website grows, any attempt to redesign your Squarespace site yourself can become quite unwieldy.

Why choose Kook for your Squarespace revamp?

Kook’s team of web experts will see things that you might have missed and know how to prioritise the highest impact items that can be achieved within your budget.

Kook will define the scope of your project in advance, such as whether it includes:

  • Developing a fresh look
  • Making the navigation more intuitive
  • Helping your website rank better in Google search results
  • Optimising for conversions (whether leads or ecommerce sales)
  • Adding third-party integrations that are relevant to your business
  • Making code-based customisations

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