Starter websites

If budget is tight, you should still start somewhere!

Kook can advise on your best plan for the future, with flexibility to get the basics up and running and expand on it when time/money permits. Have a read of just a few of our low-cost solutions below and get in touch with more info on what you need and give you the best bang for your buck.

Starter Websites

Budget websites

  • Single-page websites

  • Landing pages

  • Expert advice

Starter website design for Gympie based accounting firm, Partner Accounting

Starter website design for Sunshine Coast based, My Refund Agent

Whatever path you need, we'll help

It's time to make a move!

It's the old chicken and egg conundrum. You need a website but you need more sales to pay for it. For some businesses, pretty design design simply isn't needed. For others, it needs to look great but it doesn't need a stack of pages. However you need to scale, we're here to help. 

Starting a digital footprint

Maybe you don't even need a website. Did you know we can set you up with Google Business listing, professional Facebook page, list you on several other influential online directories and have you appearing in Google search results without even having a website? Especially if you sell to very local audience, this can be an excellent way to get started, and the price is less than $1000. In fact, there's no better bang for buck, so it let's you dip your toe in the water and prove the worth of being online. 

Single-page website with upgrade path to multi-page version later

Another budget product we offer are single-page websites - still built by us with full pro design - that looks like a more traditional site with multiple links in the navigation. This is an excellent low-cost option to establish a quick website presence as part of your digital marketing footprint, but with a full-upgrade path to a complete Content Management System (e.g. WordPress) with the ability to add/edit pages and content in the future.

While a single page is unlikely to rank extraordinarily well organically on Google, it does give you a site with prominent calls to action and confidence triggers, which makes it effective in getting your business enquiries and phone calls. And as the site features a navigation menu at the top that links to various panels on the page, most users don’t even realise they’re only looking at a single page.

This single-page site is fully mobile responsive, with clickable phone numbers and a contact form that emails enquiries and stores them in the database. We also set up a Google Analytics account so you are tracking visitors.

While in an ideal world we’d recommend starting with a multi-page site, a single-page website can be an efficient start to a growing digital marketing strategy.

No frills website

Some businesses don't need to wow an audience via a website with cutting-edge design. If you reckon that's you, talk to us about a pre-built templated solution that keeps the costs down. We still take all the same care we do with any other site, and they still look great, they just reduce the labour costs (and gets you to market faster too).


Just ask!

Before you go down the wrong path...

Before you commit to something that might not suit your needs, just ask us. We are always happy to help any business head down the right path. If we're not the right fit for you right now, we'll tell you, and the advice we give you is free!


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