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eCommerce and why online sales are vital to your business

There is no question that selling products and services online is the way of the future. It is evident that eCommerce is experiencing substantial growth, as it rapidly becomes more accessible and convenient to everyone.

In 2016 Australians Spent a total of 21.65 billion dollars online. Growth in online spending will continue to rise as statistics show it continuiously performs better than traditional retail. [1].

eCommerce has revolutionised the market place, providing consumers with:

  • Reduced search costs (easier researching and comparisons)
  • Greater choice (importance of brand awareness decreasing)
  • Increased competition (local businesses competing on a global scale)

What makes an e-commerce store successful?

There is no one element that determines success in the online market place.

A quick overview of the main elements involved when selling online:

  • Navigation – Build a website that is easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to buy. Customers are time poor; they need to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • Information – Give customers enough information to satisfy their research. Most users will visit your website with the objective of researching. By providing images, pricing and content rich descriptions, your visitors can be advanced from researchers to purchasers.
  • Confidence – Confidence is a vital aspect for the success of an eCommerce website. Throughout all pages on your website, you should reassure customers of your website’s security, credibility and devotion to customer service.
  • Strategy – Your website will not succeed without sufficient traffic. Traffic can come from many different sources, and a strategy that effectively draws on traffic from various locations (e.g. search engines, social media) must be produced.
  • Support – Repeat business is crucial online; an exceptional level of support after sales is critical. If someone is satisfied with the price and quality of the product and service, they will return in the future – without researching competitors. Good sales support is usually as simple as setting up good communication mechanisms, and keeping the customer informed.
  • Learning – Having the ability to test and learn is a necessity. Every market reacts differently to pricing, website design, seasonal trends etc. Make sure your website is equipped with the ability to track changes in customers’ reactions and user-experience to learn from this.

What you should look for in an e-commerce solution provider?

A good eCommerce solution provider is one that can help you with all of requirements to make your site successful.

When researching providers make sure they can:

  • Provide examples of successful e-commerce websites they have built
  • Help you modify your website in the future to react to customer preferences
  • Help you build traffic to your website once it is completed
  • Help you optimise your website to maximise sales
  • Provide the ability to track not just visitors, but how the visitors found your site and how much revenue they raised.

Why choose Kook for your eCommerce solution?

You are reading this page, which is a good indicator that you have already identified the need to find an e-commerce provider. Kook Multimedia is a seasoned veteran in the eCommerce field. Over the past decade we have helped numerous businesses succeed in the online market place.

Kook stands above the competition simply because we have professionals in all of the key areas that are critical to your success. Unlike many competitors which only have IT professionals, we have specialists in design, advertising, SEO (search engine optimisation) and analytical statistics.

For a free meeting to see how Kook is better than the rest please contact us now.

[1] Inside Australian Online Shopping | 2017 ecommerce industry paper

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