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Logo redesign services: Does your logo seem outdated? 

Does it look odd when it’s resized really small or really big? Has it been more than a decade since you’ve last made any changes to it? It may be time to consider a logo redesign for your business’s brand. Kook is an expert in branding and marketing and can help redesign your logo in an effort to give your brand a facelift or much needed spark of life. We can also help with all the hard work in updating your digital assets like your website, Facebook page and more! 

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5 Reasons to Consider a Logo Redesign

Here are a few reasons you may want to consider redesigning your logo:

  1. It doesn’t resize well: If your logo looks odd when it’s either really small or really big, that could be reason enough to redesign it. Logos should look just as awesome on a small printed business card or a huge billboard and everywhere in between.
  2. It’s not memorable: Your logo is one of the first impressions your brand makes with your audience / customers. They’re an important symbol that your customers use to recognise your brand. If it doesn’t stand out in a customer’s mind, they won’t remember you or trigger a positive recall about your brand the next time they’re looking for your services.
  3. It doesn’t relate to what you do: A logo should help your customers instantly connect the sight of your logo with an idea of what your business does. If your logo is confusing or fails to relate to your industry, that connection is lost, meaning you have to work extra hard in your digital marketing to create that connection.
  4. It’s the same old, same old in your industry: Your logo should stand out from your competitors - it needs to be just as unique as your business! If you want to show the market you are superior to your competitors, it starts with having a superior logo.
  5. It looks outdated: Does your logo scream 1985? That’s great if you’re selling nostalgia, but not great if you’re trying to brand your business as a modern company offering superior service and products.

Your brand assets, including your logo, and the care you take developing them, are key to your business building a great first impression and reputation. If any of these reasons apply to your business, contact us today to discuss if a logo redesign might be a good fit for your brand.

How much work goes into a logo redesign?

Rebranding or updating your logo can seem like an overwhelming task, but just know that the brand experts at Kook are here to help. We can help you manage all the necessary changes, from updating vehicles and printed items to digital assets like your website, Facebook page and more.

Our portfolio of logo redesign is available for you to view, with before and after images of how we’ve helped reshaped the brands of other businesses. We’ve helped fine-tune and redesign brands in almost every industry under the sun, both in Australia and internationally, from small businesses to medium companies to large corporations.

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