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Logo design services: Your position in the marketplace starts with your brand.

Kook is an expert in branding and marketing and can design you a modern face for your new or existing business. Your brand assets, including your logo, and the care you take developing them are crucial to a great first impression of your business and bolsters your reputation.

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Logo design services

Kook’s logo design services are completely customised for the needs of your business. Whether your business is new or existing, whether you’re rebranding or starting new, we can help. We can also help you determine how to maximise your budget for the best outcome.

If you only require a logo, or you want additional assets like a Style Guide and printing templates, or you need a more extensive brand identity document to help guide your business’s marketing efforts, Kook has you covered.

Kook’s logo design services (view portfolio) include the creation of two logo concepts with a round of amendments, and additional concepts and/or amendments as needed. You’ll receive your logo packaged in formats for both screen and print. Adding in a Style Guide will help ensure your logo is utilised exactly how you want by future stakeholders, and will help ensure a consistent and continuous brand experience. This is vital in creating brand equity and connecting with your audience. And for our larger clients, creating a brand identity document and positioning strategy allows a brand to establish a uniform approach to ensure a positive public perception and an ideal marketing strategy.

A full brand identity document requires some in-house research and analysis by our marketing team, and the final document for you may include:

  • Up to 3 buyer personas
  • Your brand's “Tone of Voice”
  • Recommended colour schemes and fonts
  • Suggested imagery
  • Your new logo
  • Your brand's Style Guide
  • Business card template

Everything you need to help guide your brand to success!

Our portfolio of logo design is available for you to view. We’ve helped shape brands in almost every industry under the sun, both in Australia and internationally, from small businesses to medium companies to large corporations.

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