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Optimising website performance using split testing

A/B testing (split testing) is a method of testing that allows you to test the performance of two entirely different versions of a webpage.  To determine which version is better, each version is measured simultaneously in terms of success, whether it is conversions, engagement, bounce rate etc. The results of the experiment are then analysed and the most effective version can be implemented if appropriate.

While each A/B test is unique, there are certain elements that are often tested:

  • Call to action (placement, size, colour etc)
  • Headline (or product description)
  • Layout and style of the website
  • Product information and pricing
  • Images
  • Text volume

A/B testing allows for more design freedom, with the ability to effectively test changes in the look and feel, layout and structure of different pages. A/B testing provides fast results even if traffic is low, it can create insight into how your visitors respond to variations of your website.

A/B testing essentially takes the guesswork out of optimising your website to be conversion-friendly. Testing provides real data that can support the implementation or rejection of any proposed website changes. By using controlled tests and effectively gathering data, you are able to find which marketing strategies work best for you. It allows for easier decision making, and a significant improvement in your bottom line.

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