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Webmastering - web maintenance

At Kook, we understand the constraints on your time and resources, which is why we offer complete systems in website maintenance and content management. We aim to provide affordable and valuable maintenance packages that can effectively meet your website needs.

In a continuously changing business and technological environment there is a necessity for consistency, a good website structure and the regular addition of new content.

A website doesn’t update itself. If you wish to stay relevant, updates to your website are vital.

Many businesses prefer to have a web company that can update the website on their behalf, instead of having a system they can edit. We understand that periodic website updates are a necessity in the continuously changing business and internet environment.

The website maintenance services we offer include (not limited to):

  • analysing and evaluating the performance of current content/website
  • editing/modifying existing pages
  • implementing periodic page additions to keep your website updated and fresh
  • updating  information or contact details

We aim to provide affordable and valuable maintenance packages that can effectively meet your needs. Each project receives a dedicated project manager, to work with you and administer any changes to suit your needs.

With Kook, there is no support ticketing systems. You will talk directly to the people performing the work, so we can ensure that nothing is lost in translation. We focus on keeping your website online, and up-to-date with a fast turn around time, and reliable, discreet service.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) provide the ability to manage, insert and adjust both the content and pages of your website with ease.

Maintaining and optimising a website starts with superior navigation and content structure. If you aren't constantly monitoring, adding to, and adapting your website content you are at a distinct disadvantage to your competitors.

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