SEO & Webmastering project for My Teddy

Cute and cuddly turns into a serious eCommerce success 


How we helped

  • Increased organic traffic

  • Improved page speed

  • More sales leads

Kook's long-term association with MyTeddy

MyTeddy is one of Kook's long-term clients. We feel more life their business partners than their digital agency. 

When they first came to see us it was just husband and wife working from their garage with a seriously successful home-based business. Working 12+ hours a day, six days a week. 

They trusted Kook to help expand. We built a new eCommerce website. We took over their Google and Facebook Advertising. They started kicking better goals. They moved to a commercial shed and hired staff. 

That expansion and success created a whole new set of growing pains. With multiple people involved in the production process for the first time, there had to be a better way to handle the hundreds of emails back and forth, reduce double-handling and the chance of errors, and improve customer service.

The Requirement / Brief

Remove archaic and chaotic use of email to manage hundreds of simultaneous orders in production and handing. Provide a production line style system to enable each area to work autonomously of each other. Reduce training costs by providing guidance to staff throughout the production process.

The solution

My Teddy required lots of custom functionality, particularly in relation to the personalised embroidery that is so central to the brand’s success. As part of the process, Kook created customised integration between the website and their warehouse to better automate their manufacturing process, increasing efficiencies.

The Outcome

Designer Dashboard: Incoming orders. Designers create embroidery design, upload into dashboard and emails to customer for approval.

MyTeddy dashboard

Approval Dashboard: Customers are asked to approve their design. The system has the ability to resend or move orders to another dashboard.

MyTeddy Approval Dashboard

Production: Orders are approved and sent to production.

MyTeddy Production

Labelling: After consignment created they are pushed to the labels dashboard where staff print the labels. Offers ability to bulk print all labels at once.

MyTeddy Labelling

Packing: Products packed and labels added.

MyTeddy Packing

Disptach: Items ready for pickup by Australia post. Once Australia Post picks up the consignment, items are moved into completed.

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