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K'gari Walking Tours

How we helped

  • Custom brand themed pages

  • Streamlined booking process

  • UI/UX

The Requirement / Brief

K’gari Walking Tours (Fraser Dingo 4WD Adventures) offers a one-of-a-kind experience to explore all the beauty that K’gari has to offer. They facilitate all kinds of walks from self-guided tours to luxury tours complete with food, transfers, and accommodation included. Previously, Fraser Dingo 4WD Adventures had two websites for the hiking side of the business, one through Weebly and one through Go Daddy website builder. 

The solution

Kook created a guided and personalised journey for users to explore the variety of products available. Our goal was to guarantee that each user could effortlessly discover the product that perfectly aligns with their needs. Along the way Fraser Dingo 4WD Adventures rebranded from "Fraser Island" to the newly renamed "K'gari", and also wanted to rebrand the business from "hiking" to "walking tours" to better illustrate the nature of the business. 

The Outcome

We felt that merging the luxury and self-guided options into one website would be the best way to market the walking tour side of the business, rather than trying to maintain two separate websites. We moved forward with a completely custom design to ensure they were matching with largest competitor.

K'gari Walking Tours website on laptop


Ensuring accurate display of branding colors and logos for each walk type, along with their primary branding colour, was crucial for this build. Consistent application of specific branding and colours on each page enables users to easily distinguish between different walks.

K'gari Walking Tours branding

Creating a user-friendly experience for hikers and tourists to immerse themselves in all K’gari has to offer was a top priority following Covid and the re-evaluation of the business’s target audience. 

K'gari Walking Tours website in mobile view

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