Website design project for Fit College

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FIT College

How we helped

  • Increased enquiries

  • Increased organic traffic

  • Revenue growth

The Requirement / Brief

FIT College is a fitness and training education company offering courses to qualify personal trainers and gym instructors. FIT College approached Kook in 2015 for assistance in expanding their digital marketing efforts.

The solution

Kook originally carried out a complete digital marketing strategy consisting of a brand-new website design packaged with SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Over the years, this strategy has expanded to adapt more channels, including Microsoft Ads, Spotify and TikTok Ads. 

TikTok Ads for Fit College

The Outcome

Since engaging Kook in 2015, FIT College has seen consistent growth year in and year out.

  • In 2022, the website received a staggering increase of 315% more website users compared to the year prior to Kook taking over.
  • This upward trend continued throughout the year, with a 70% growth in website users and an astounding 111% increase in enquiries, more than double the number received during their first full year with Kook.
  • Organic search users have increased 209% (more than 3 times as much) compared to the year prior to Kook taking over SEO efforts
  • Organic search users have increased 45% with 81% more enquiries from organic search compared to Kook’s first full year managing SEO.
  • Cost per conversion of Google Ads has improved 83% compared to the year before we took over management
  • They now dominate impression share across the board in Google Ads, sitting at #1 overall with more than 60% higher impression share of their next biggest competitor.
  • Revenue growth has grown significantly in a challenging industry that the client now dominates.
  • Since their new website went live in 2018, enquires have increased 136% (more than double) with an increase in the conversion rate of a massive 83%.

“I think the length of the relationship between FIT College and Kook Multimedia speaks for itself. We have seen continual stable growth within our brand over time, for a long time” - Chris Dickey, Operations Manager. FIT College Head Office


Being able to oversee an organization's holistic digital marketing approach certainly has its advantages, as demonstrated in this case study for FIT College. By overseeing both website design and lead generation through a variety of channels (SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, TikTok ads and Spotify Ads), we were able to effectively control all aspects of the digital marketing strategy and ensure each marketing channel was working cohesively to attain our goals.

Facebook Ads for Fit College

Since starting a partnership with Kook in 2015, FIT College has seen some significant successes;

  • An increase of 315% in website users in 2022 compared to the year prior Kook taking over.
  • An increase of 209% in organic search users throughout 2022 compared to the year prior Kook taking over SEO.
  • An increase of 136% (more than double) in enquiries and an 83% increase in conversion rate since their new website by Kook went live in 2018.
  • A large market share in the Google Ads space, with an impression share that is 60% higher than their next biggest competitor.

FIT College is a great example of how Kook can utilize a wide range of marketing channels and strategies to help grow a business. 

Spotify Ads for Fit College

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