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Daniel Morcombe Foundation

How we helped

  • Improved page speeds

  • Custom developed resources section

  • Streamlined admin usability

The Requirement / Brief

In 2022, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation had acknowledged the need for an update to their website, and chose to partner with Kook because of our excellent reputation and locality. The main issue identified was that many pages were not mobile responsive and the overall usability was lacking.  

The solution

Kook developed a custom-built WordPress website for The Daniel Morcombe Foundation, loaded with numerous functionalities and features, including:

  • Custom-developed searchable education resources plugin to help users find assets easier
  • Faster website
  • Streamlined admin usability 

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In 2022, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation realized that their website was no longer meeting their needs and had some technical issues. As a result, it was important for them to upgrade their website to better represent the impactful mission of the organization. An efficient, user-friendly website is crucial for the foundation to achieve their goals and reach a wider audience.

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This is where Kook came in. Kook designed a tailor-made WordPress website for The Daniel Morcombe Foundation. Starting with a UI design phase, we built wireframes and presented them to the client before development and design began, ensuring that the final website met their specific needs and requirements.

The new website included a variety of functionalities and features, such as a custom-built searchable education resources plugin to facilitate users in finding assets more easily, a faster website with improved loading time, and streamlined admin usability that makes it easier to manage the website. The new website was developed specifically to better support the foundation's mission and efficiently interact with their wide audience.

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