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What is Webmastering?

What is Webmastering?

Webmastering is about creating the best possible website, and that’s a very easy thing to say and rather more complex to achieve. Webmastering is about giving you the best possible chance for someone to view your website and potentially get them involved one way or another with your business. Webmastering can be anything from simple content changes that can be managed easily with a content management system, to complete website upgrades that may require a skilled developer to achieve the best results.

What is involved with Webmastering?

At Kook, we approach Webmastering by placing an emphasis on two main directives: Search Engine Optimisation (or “SEO”), which are efforts to improve a website’s rankings in various Search Engines including Google; and Conversion Optimisation, which means improving the options on a site for a potential customer to become an actual customer. These two elements of Web Mastering work hand in hand, and both require extensive study of your website’s traffic. There is no way to properly approach Webmastering without analysis of a website’s traffic data, from quality of traffic (like bounce rate and pages per session) to quantity of traffic (number of sessions and growth) to where the traffic is coming from (acquisition). Understanding and analysing this data, which can be found in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, can give insight in to what is required to optimise a website to achieve the best results.

How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimisation involves a huge number of components, but it all boils down to making sure that a website works well and has relevant content to be found when Google searches are performed.

One of the most successful and time-tested strategies that can be employed is still simple content improvement (see Writing for the web). Content improvement can come in many forms, from a complete overhaul of the content on a website to remain relevant, to small tweaks to include commonly searched keywords to achieve higher rankings. And beyond search engines, improving a site’s content continues to assure that a website is full of rich content that is useful to the website’s viewers.

One lesser known technical side of webmastering is page speed, which is a primary factor in achieving good rankings. If a site is slow to load due to oversized images, or improperly embedded video, or your hosting server response time is slow, you will not rank as well. Our developers conduct speed tests to check all of these issues, ensure that the design is “responsive”, ie it looks good on all devices, and crawl the site for any 404 errors or other high priority issues that might cause a site not to rank well.

And what about Conversion Optimisation?

Well firstly you don’t just need traffic, you need quality traffic by attracting relevant potential customers. (see Ranking vs Traffic Vs Conversions) Next, even if it’s high quality traffic, it won’t mean a thing if your site isn’t designed to convert well. Conversion Optimisation means little things like ensuring contact forms work to adding in clickable phone numbers in visible locations, to larger things like making sure there are adequate confidence triggers on a site and the site looks appropriate for the intended audience. Did you know if your site is over-designed you may look “too expensive” and people won’t even enquire as a result? We work hard to help identify the most valuable action on a website, and optimise it so that a website viewer has the easiest time either purchasing your product or getting in touch with you to become a client.

Why is Webmastering essential to a modern website?

Webmastering is an essential element to ensuring that a website achieves its purpose: Getting quality traffic and most importantly, conversions – which can be anything from purchasing a product, gaining a new client or having a viewer read important content. If people can’t find your website, you won’t have traffic. And if the site isn’t designed to convert well, you won’t have conversions.

Quite simple, but not so easy to master.

More questions about Webmastering for your business? View our SEO services page or get in touch with us to discuss your website’s needs.

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