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Web marketing experts - how to review your webmaster

You would think the term “SEO Company” would be synonymous with Web Marketing Experts, right? You trust them to get you better ROI (more enquiries, more phone calls, more sales).

But so many so-called web marketing experts are doing nothing more than sending you a report of where you are ranking.

Three simple questions to answer in order to review your current SEO provider:

  • Does your SEO company make changes on your actual website? If not, they are not actually an SEO company at all.
  • Does your site meet the basic speed and mobile-friendly tests? If not, then your SEO company is out of touch with the technical needs demanded by Google as part of improving rankings.
  • Are they giving you any indication on increases in traffic as a result of their services, but more importantly ROI (meaning the actual level of conversion to enquiry)? If not then how do you know what's working?

If your SEO company is not making changes on your actual website you are being ripped off.


Onsite-SEO is the number one thing you can do

90% of modern SEO is "onsite" optimisation. True web marketing experts CANNOT be making valid improvements for you if they are not changing your site's content and and also ensuring it meets Google's technical requirements. 

Modern SEO (we like to call it webmastering) is about Content, Performance & Speed, Design & Functionality.

Ranking well requires a combination of tailored content delivered from a fast-loading site. Google has REALLY ramped up how much emphasis they put on page speed – if your site is slow, especially on mobile, your ranking suffers dramatically.

Checking your site meets technical guidelines

You can check how your site performs here: If your scores are bad and your SEO firm has never mentioned it, you are wasting your money. Any efforts to perfect your content are probably in vain until you fix this.

And then there’s design and functionality. The things that appeal to your website visitors through both the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX). The layout, the colours, the words, the calls to action on the pages. Granted, this is not specifically an “SEO” service, but it’s critical to your success, and why SEO-only companies are all but pointless.

Why pointless? Well even if your traffic has increased, how do you know whether you’ve got better quality and more leads? It could just be “tyre-kickers”. Even worse, if you’re only getting ranking reports you don’t even know if your visitors have increased.

Rankings v traffic v conversion

To learn more about why ranking better doesn't always mean more traffic and more traffic doesn’t equal better ROI, go to 

To recap

If the web marketing experts you are using aren't analysing your site, and making actual on-site changes as a result of that analysis, you are wasting your money.

Ask yourself, do they have the login access to edit your site? At what level? Can they only change text? Can they change page titles? Can they change source code?

So the question is, what ARE they doing? If they are just sending you a report of where you are ranking, are they doing anything at all to have an effect on those rankings? If they don’t have access to your site to change it, the ONLY thing they can be doing is getting inbound links from other sites. This is not only outdated, it actually can cause more harm than good. 

Makes you feel sick to the stomach how much money you’ve wasted, right?

What do true web marketing experts do for best-practice SEO?

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