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The new Google Analytics URL Builder

The Google Analytics URL Builder tool from Google has recently had an update and is now located here: 

To learn more about the Google Analytics Builder, view our original post, here.

In a nutshell

The Google Analytics URL Builder tool is used for online marketing campaigns like Facebook posts, ad placements etc. You can use the URL Builder to direct people to a landing page on your site, while telling Google exactly which marketing campaign they used to find you in the first place. This information will be invaluable to you, as it will allow you to accurately measure and evaluate your online marketing campaigns in terms of traffic, engagement and even revenue.

The Google Analytics URL Builder will help you decide where to spend your marketing time and budget as it will clearly illustrate which marketing channels are working and which aren’t. If you need a hand understanding how to use the Builder, our ROI team are on hand to assist – contact us today.

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