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Roadmap to a successful website

Business is hard enough without your web designer or developer complicating matters, but you still want to be sure the money you spend on a new website will deliver the results you want.

Having started in ‘the business of internet’ before Google began advertising, our two decades of experience helping more than 1000 businesses of all sizes and from all industries has shaped our approach to providing customised web solutions for our clients. While we always go to the nth degree when it comes to quality control (QC), here at Kook we realise you don’t always have everything planned out from A to Z, so we’re flexible in our approach.

After all, when it comes to the web and dealing with so many moving parts, it’s more about having a roadmap rather than a whole whitepaper.

For example, there are many common misconceptions about website design and different Content Management Systems that often need to be addressed.

If you come to us thinking you’re going to create a brilliant eCommerce solution by installing WooCommerce on WordPress, you are mistaken. In such situations we will utilise our marketing nous and take account of your business and its unique requirements before recommending what we consider, as the web experts, to be your best solution.

In fact, although you need some idea of what you’re wanting to achieve, it’s fair to say that all the best planning in the world prior to your website project commencing is next to useless for several reasons:

  1. You aren’t web developers and cannot think through the technical aspects of what you have on your website wishlist. You need to trust and be guided by the experts.
  2. As you work through the exact processes, there is high potential that you will change your mind in terms of your marketing funnel or user experience factors. You may even refine your own thinking about how your business relates to customers.
  3. Even with our vast experience, we cannot foresee every fork in the road.

As the goalposts regularly get shifted during a website build, by the time it’s ready to launch a site may resemble very little of the specifics in the original plan.

With this in mind, rest assured that it’s quite normal for the development of a website to resemble managed chaos. That’s why it’s vital to have someone who can be fluid with you throughout the process.

We love helping our clients refine their online presence, embrace cutting-edge web technologies to increase market share, grow sales and reduce operational costs through smart behind-the-scenes programming – including third-party integrations.

Our web designers and web developers adopt a coordinated approach to not only give your brand the image it truly deserves but also ensure your website is secure, scalable, robust and efficient. Our solution-oriented creative thinking also always places emphasis on best practices intended to ensure your website will convert traffic into sales or leads, depending on your requirements. Otherwise what’s the point of even having a website?

This includes an extensive QC process and our clients certainly appreciate the extraordinary lengths we go to.

In some respects, the ultimate website is similar to a classic car: beautifully designed and exceptionally engineered.

That’s why at Kook, we’re happy to take your site roadmap and navigate any detours encountered on the website development journey. It’s all about driving your online success.

If you have an idea about where you’d like your website to go, but need help in mapping out the route, contact Kook today and put us to the test.

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