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HTML5 animated banner ads are premium real estate

HTML5 Animated Banner Ads are animated and interactive banner advertisements which are a commonly accepted format of display advertising in 2016, this is due to the HTML5 format displaying correctly across all devices (including phones and tablets).

HTML5 banner ads can be used across the entire Google Display Network (GDN). With over 2 million Display Network sites that reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide, there are plenty of opportunities to reach customers.

How can I use HTML5 banner ads most effectively?

We recommend strategically targeting your banner ads to be placed on websites which are most relevant to your industry and target market. These banner ad placements have proven to be most effective when:

  1. Using a high quality design which contains a clear Call To Action (CTA)
  2. Targeted to be placed on relevant industry websites (such as
  3. Targeted to display when relevant keywords are appear within the content of the placement page (e.g targeting location related keywords such as ‘Noosa’ on
  4. Targeted to your re-marketing list, displaying ads to people who have previously visited your website to assist in converting ‘low hanging fruit’.

HTML5 banner ads in real estate

Recently we have noticed a significant increase in the use of HTML5 Banner Ads in the Real Estate industry. This is due to the highly targeted campaign settings available to advertisers and how easy it has now become for real estate agents to advertise specifically to those people who are currently in the property market (either looking to buy or sell) within their area. Not only is targeting customers easy – reporting for display advertising campaigns makes it simple to track and report on campaign effectiveness.

Here’s a few examples of HTML5 Banner Ads Kook has recently implemented for clients within the Real Estate industry:


Why use Kook to develop your HTML5 banner ads?

  • Kook has extensive experience in Website Development and Digital Marketing for the Real Estate industry.
  • Kook has the technical skill in-house to create HTML5 banner ads and meet the technical specifications of
  • Kook has a relatively fast turn-around time for the creation of these ads.
  • Kook are brilliant to deal with and competitively priced.

If you’re in real estate, we’d recommend viewing our Real Estate specific Web Development and Digital Marketing services page.

Alternatively, feel free to call Kook today on (07) 54 777 990 and ask to learn more about how you could effectively implement HTML5 Banner Ads for your business.

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