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Google Analytics Account and user management

In order to begin Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or management services for a website or to properly manage most digital marketing efforts, or even to make an informed recommendation on marketing efforts for a client, we first need to know everything we can about the traffic coming to that client’s website. A properly installed Google Analytics tag on a site will allow Google to collect information on all of that property’s traffic.

Sharing Google Analytics data

Google Analytics is divided up in to 3 different levels:

1. Account: This is the highest access level, allowing the user to see account settings, access user management, apply filters, view change history and of course to delete the entire account.

2. Property: This is second highest access level, and contains information about the website or app itself. From here you can view the Analytics tag (the tracking code that needs to be installed on a website or app), link to other Google products (like AdWords, AdSense, Search Console, etc.), create audiences of website viewers, etc.

3. View: This is a reporting view where you can define goals, apply filters to weed out certain website viewers (like spam traffic or computers at your place of business), set groupings for channels / source / mediums, create annotations, apply attribution models or manage Ecommerce settings.

Instead of sharing your account’s username and password, it’s important to note that Google Analytics allows you to add other Google accounts temporary or permanent access to your Analytics account at either the account, property or view level. These permissions can be changed at ANY time.


To add access to a Google Analytics account:

1. Visit and log in with your Google account

2. Navigate to the Admin page

Google Analytics Admin Screen


3. Select “User Management” under either the Account, Property or View level (preferably the Account level). 

Google Analytics - Kook Account Property and View levels


4. In the User Management section, click the "+" button in the upper right hand side and select "Add new users". Add the relevant Google email address (usually an account, but can also have an alias using another address) and add permissions. To give Kook access to your account, please add (or The basic level access is “Read & Analyze”, which allows the user to see but not touch. The next step up is “Collaborate” and after that it’s “Edit” (which allows the user to make changes). The ultimate access is “Manage Users”, and only users you trust should be given this access. From here, just select “Notify this user by email” so they know when they’ve been given access and then click “Add”.

Google Analytics Add Permissions Screen - New



For more help with Google Analytics, please visit their Google help page.

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