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Facebook Pages and user management

Does your business have a Facebook page? If you'd like Kook to give you some insights in to the page or start managing it for you, it's quick and easy to add us as an admin without giving out any passwords.

  1. Let your contact at Kook know the address of your Facebook page. You can find this in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Let your contact at Kook know what kind of access you will approve. The choices are from highest to lowest: Page Admin (full administrative rights to your page), Page Editor (can do almost everything on your page except for assign page roles), Page Moderator (slightly more restrictions than Editor), Page Advertiser (can't post as the page or send messages as the page), Page Analyst (the lowest level of access, can only view insights / stats for the page). Kook Facebook page
  3. Login to Facebook using the same account that currently is an admin for your Facebook page.
  4. Either go directly to your Facebook page, or click "Pages" under "Explore" in the left hand side menu.
  5. On the next pages menu, there should be a link in the Header called "Your Pages". After clicking this, you should see your business page in the list.
  6. Click "Settings" in the menu at the top of the menu.
  7. Click "Page Roles" on the left hand side of the menu.
  8. There you'll see a request from Kook to become an administrator for your page. Please accept this request.

That's it! Kook will be able to evaluate and manage your Facebook Ads Manager account, and you have full control to revoke access anytime without changing passwords. For more information on advertising on Facebook with Kook, please contact us today.

Kook Admin for Facebook Page

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