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Facebook Lead Ads generation boosts conversion

Facebook Advertising has seen massive improvements in 2016 and some of the latest additions are making serious inroads into increasing conversion.

Using Facebook Lead Ads, you can now keep your potential customer right there on Facebook to fill in an inquiry form, significantly boosting the drop-out rate seen when sending them to your website to put the enquiry through. (see screenshots below)

This type of campaign is perfect for campaigns that are focused on capturing contact information for prospective buyers so sales representatives can follow-up with them. Every time you click an ad, the form pops up, with the fields pre-populated with information that the user has already disclosed to Facebook. This increases conversion rates dramatically, as you don’t have to worry about all the pitfalls that come with conversions on a website.

There is one drawback – you need to log into your Facebook account to download the enquiries, and they are only kept for 90 days, so you need to keep your own records and download them regularly.

Good news, though, is that the system can be hooked into most CRMs via an API, so we can push leads directly from the Facebook page into the like of Sales Force, Contact Contact, Sparkroom, Marketo, etc.

More information on Lead Generation ads from Facebook.


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