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Let’s get it straight, we are not talking about stupid photos of cats or yet another incarnation of “Keep Calm and blah blah” posted to the wall of your Facebook Business page.

We are talking Facebook Advertising.

Although you can argue the social media merits of Facebook, the fact people post so much of their personal lives to their profiles is actually a massive opportunity for your business.

Facebook knows people better than they do. They know who someone’s friends are, what pages they like, what pages their friends like, what those friends’ interests are, and a lot more, as well as where all those people last got their soy latte from last Tuesday.

Because of this, within the Facebook Advertising platform businesses can very specifically target demographic information. They obviously don’t disclose who you are, but they know what you are and they can target you or people who “look” just like you (according to Facebook’s powerful algorithms) incredibly accurately without ever knowing your name.

There are three main types of Facebook advertising.

  • Demographic targeting – choosing your audience via general groups of Interests/Demographics/Geographics.
  • Remarketing – choosing your audience of people who have visited your website,
  • Lookalike audiences – creating new audiences based on the profiles of other known Facebook users

We cover these topics in more detail in Part 2 >>

Things to consider when advertising on Facebook

  • Campaign Goal – What do you want to get as a result of your ads?
    • Get More Website Conversions
    • Get More Leads – link to the lead generation page
    • Get More Likes / Engagements on your Facebook page
    • Get More Video Views
    • Get More Foot Traffic in Your Business
  • Audience – Who should see your Ads?
    • Demographic
    • Look-a-Like
    • Remarketing
  • Message – What ad format will work best for your goals?
    • Single image ads
    • Carousel
    • Video
    • Canvas
  • Follow-up – How can we best handle your leads?
    • CRM / Third Party integration
    • Manual downloads
    • Emails from websites
    • Rely on customers to bring in offers

There are multiple types of Facebook advertising.

Demographic targeting

This is where you target people based on where they live, how old they are, relationships, etc. eg, I want to show my ad to males between 25 and 45 years old within 20km radius of Maroochydore who are interested in surfing. This method is the least “targetted” approach, but is ideal for building new Likes, or getting visitors to your website. It also a hell of a lot more effective than radio or TV advertising where you’re simply targeting people who happen to be consuming content at the same time.


Showing ads to people who have visited your website in the past is done by inserting a tracking pixel on your website which tracks that user so that the next time they go to Facebook your ad is shown to them. Showing ads to those people gives you another knock of the marketing hammer. You only pay for the ad if it is clicked, and if it is that means you obviously have a very highly engaged prospect.

If you think that’s clever, read on….


Lookalike audiences

One of the best ways to use Facebooks ads is to create what is called “Lookalike” audiences.

You can create a “Lookalike audience” of Facebook users based on an existing database.

You can upload any list of email addresses or mobile phone numbers to create a “Custom Audience”. In our experience, about 60% of people use their main email address for their Facebook account. And while you can then market to those people on Facebook, the real power is creating a Lookalike Audience, allowing you to reach new Facebook users who are more likely to convert as customers because they “look” just like your existing customers!

From your customers’ profiles, Facebook intuitively creates audiences of like-minded people with similar interests or demographics. This type of advertising is amazingly powerful for local businesses trying to step out to a national audience.

So let’s say you sell a niche product to the Sunshine Coast market and you are looking for new customers nationwide. You upload the email list of your local customers, Facebook creates a Lookalike Audience and you start advertising to those people outside the Coast.

The targeting is amazing and so is the Return On Investment. You can suddenly be sourcing leads from all over Australia for your product.

Of course, it works better for some market segments than others. Because Facebook is primarily something done in people’s leisure time, you are more likely to be selling teddy bears or beauty services than bulldozers or accounting services.

If you don’t have an existing database to start with, Facebook can also create Lookalike audiences from people who already like your page or any other previous audience including those who have converted for past ads.

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