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Eye Tracking Shows Web Layouts Critical to Conversion

Did you know that which way a person is looking in a photo on a website will alter where your visitor will look? Do you know what an “F pattern” is? What about where the best place to put a newsletter sign-up or a call to action?

Here’s a very interesting study into website layouts using heat maps recorded by eye-tracking software. It really goes to show that a lot of thought, nous and experience needs to go into a site’s design.

This is where the cheap DIY website or one built from a template can be a false saving – your business’s content needs to be treated in a very unique way as it can completely alter the outcomes of your website’s conversion rates.

As these examples show, you can’t assume what will work for one market will work for another, and you need to keep an open mind and be willing to test alternatives and analyse the statistics.

Most intriguing is the “above the fold” concept seems to be redundant, and even that the conversion rate of a call to action like an enquiry form or email signup increases when it’s at the bottom of the page.

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