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Google Ads Video Ad Campaigns

When you go to YouTube and you see the little ads pop up down the bottom, or an ad plays before the start of the video you want to watch - that's a video ad campaign. AND we can target who sees them and who doesn't so you aren't wasting valuable budget.

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Google video ads: like TV commercials, but so much better!

With 1 billion active users each month, Google’s video network, anchored by YouTube, reaches more adult viewers than any television network on the planet. Every minute, more than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, with 30 million visitors watching every single day. In most months, 80% of 18-49 year olds will watch YouTube.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) Video Campaigns help us advertise to this significant audience. And like the Display and Search networks, we can target video ads to show only to people who are most likely to become customers for your business and only pay when those people actually watch your video. No more wasting advertising dollars showing commercials to people who aren’t interested in your business in the hope that a few might be. And unlike advertising on television, Google Video Ads let us know exactly how many people watched your ads, how many of them then went on to view your website and even how many went on to make a purchase or contact you!

The biggest production cost in advertising with Google video ads is the production of the video itself. Like commercials, short and sweet are the preferred format, with many requirements being 30 seconds or less. We recommend a professionally designed campaign, and if you need help producing one, we have many local, national and international partners who can assist.

Google offers video ads in 3 different formats:

  1. TrueView video ads: These ads can appear on both YouTube and other publisher sites within the Display Network. They must be 15 seconds or less if you want the non-skippable version (30 seconds or less on some publisher sites) and you’re only charged when viewers watch or interact with the video. If you're ok with people being able to skip your video, you can make it any length, although 3 minutes is the recommended maximum. The more engaging your video is, the better! You can show these videos either as “in-stream ads” (before other videos on YouTube and across the Google Display Network, giving the viewer a chance to skip the ad after 5 seconds for skippable ads) or as “discovery ads” (where the video appears in YouTube search results, alongside related YouTube videos or on the YouTube mobile homepage).
  2. Bumper ads: These are short ads (6 seconds or less) that play before, during or after another video. These are only used for brand awareness, reach or campaigns that don’t focus on lead generation or other on-site goals.
  3. Outstream ads: These are muted mobile-only video ads that show on partner websites and within Google partner aps.

For generating leads or sales, the TrueView video ads are the way to go! Contact us today to get your video ads on the Google Video Network.

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