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Kook runs an annual Google Ads account well into seven figures for its clients.
Our staff certifications mean we have been recognised as a Google Premier Partner. 

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Dominate search real estate with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Google search results are divided into two primary sections:

  1. Paid Search (the results at the top with “Ad” next to each listing)
  2. Organic Search Results (aka the “free results”, the results in the maps and below without “Ad” next to them)

Every time a user does a search on Google for something related to your industry, you have an opportunity to get a message in front of them to capture a lead or sale. This makes every bit of space in Google’s search results valuable. We want you to think about Google search results like real estate. There’s only so much space, and every business you compete with is vying for attention from those users as they go through their “micro-moment” of searching for something you sell.

Paid search: above the fold

In the world of real estate, being seen is key. That’s why Google Ads’ most valuable spots are those that are above the fold. Whether you’re doing a Google search on your mobile device, tablet or desktop, the listings with higher average positions that are above the fold (where you can initially see on your screen without scrolling down) are the most prominent and eye-catching to the user. Results that are a part of paid search that get this valuable above the fold real estate are all designated with an “Ad” next to the listing.

Adwords Sunshine Coast

Google’s mission for relevant results

Google’s mission is to deliver the most relevant results possible for every single search. But they’re also a business and require ad revenue as part of their business model. How does a business that sells ads within search results deliver relevant results?

Google Ads’ paid search (aka “SEM”, aka search campaigns) allows businesses to bid on keywords associated with their industry to get text ads in front of possible customers. Like most keyword-based advertising on the Internet, this is an auction-based system, with all advertisers bidding against each other on select keywords to show their ads. Some other search engines might just show an ad for the business that paid the most. But not Google. Google bases the average position of an ad (where it shows up in search results) on 2 factors:

  1. How much the advertiser bid on the keywords
  2. The quality score of the landing page for the ad

Google scans the websites of every single ad for every single keyword to determine if there is relevant content for the keyword on the website, and assigns each one a quality score (a score from 1 to 10 based on how relevant it is to the keyword). This ensures that when somebody searches for “Sunshine Coast web development” or "Adwords Sunshine Coast" they don’t end up on a landing page for an insurance agency or plumber.

Why use Kook to create and manage your search campaign

Kook’s creative and experienced copywriting team will write noticeable ads that successfully catch the attention of your target market. Kook is a Google Premier Partner, a status awarded to us because our team members are certified and knowledgeable about Google Ads with a proven track record. We see Google search campaigns setup by so called “experts” all the time that waste money on irrelevant clicks, or fail to take advantage of every ad extension offered by Google.


At Kook, we are focused on delivering superior results at the right price. In order to develop successful Google Ads strategies, we constantly A/B test various objectives, audiences and messages against each other to optimise and capture your leads/conversions at the lowest prices possible.

Unlike many Google AdWords providers, we let you know exactly how your Google Ads campaign is performing and you’re always welcome to access your Google Ads account directly. Google Ads offers fully transparent reporting and billing; there are no hidden costs and no unspent funds.

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