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Why consider Kook?

No contracts or long-term commitments

Cancel anytime with minimal notice, whether you're not happy with the results or your business is seasonal and you want to slow down.

No outdated methods or games played

Black hat SEO practices may have short-term gains but always ends in disaster. Kook only engages in white hat SEO and your advertising fees are charged directly by the Google and/or Facebook so you see exactly what you're paying and to who.  

No outsourcing

Every Kook team member lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and works in our office. So you can sit with them at any time and develop a relationship with your project manager.

No confusing words

We ditch the jargon and simplify our reporting in plain English for anyone to understand.

100% focussed on your return on investment

Your web partner is as valuable as your accountant. But they probably won't bring you the leads that we can. 

100% tailored to you

This isn't "cookie cutter" digital marketing generated from a template. We create a bespoke strategy backed by industry research with objectives tailored for your business model and budget.

100% transparency

Ever left wondering what a digital marketing agency has actually done for you? We report on everything we do for you, including the date and who did it.

100% peace of mind

Full reporting on outcomes every month, taking the time to explain fully and using layman's terms.

Have you been burned before by agencies, or don't know where to start?

There are some dubious operators out there. Here are questions to ask about any digital agency you're considering:

  1. Who is on their team? Look for a team page on their website. Do they have more account managers and sales people than actual digital marketing professionals? Do they not even show their team? These are all bad signs that the work is outsourced (if it’s done at all).
  2. Are they locking you into a contract? You have to ask yourself, just who does a long-term commitment benefit? Are they worried they’re not going to get you results?
  3. What are they promising? Do they seem focussed on enquiries or sales for your business? Or do they tell you more about impressions, clicks and keyword rankings? If their big promise is "We'll get you on page 1", you need to run.
  4. What are their other capabilities? Do they have website developers and designers on staff? The best campaigns in the world won't mean a thing if your website doesn't convert. 
  5. Do they blind you with BS? If you can't understand what they're saying, you can't possibly develop trust with them. Are their reports easy to understand? If you want to reach your project manager on the phone or meet face to face is that even possible?
  6. Do they blind you with science? Digital marketing isn't just about writing reports or getting traffic to your site. A full service digital marketing agency should be able to match your paid ads strategy to your organic strategy, finding key messages that work on search engines and utilising them on your social media channels.

What can Kook do for your business?

Kook is one of the area's only Google Ads Premier Partners, which means we get results for our clients. Why risk second-best with your marketing dollars? We have a team of certified experts in Google Ads search, display, video and shopping campaigns, as well as experienced professionals to manage your SEO, paid social and organic social strategies. No matter what your business does, no matter what industry it’s in and no matter how unique you are, we can offer a custom digital strategy designed to get your business the strongest return on investment possible.

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