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No matter what industry you’re in, your image is extremely important. The visuals used in your marketing and branding initiatives, including paid advertising, social media and on your website, should trigger confidence to prospective clients or customers. At Kook, we offer professional photography on location throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to help businesses showcase their offerings. Best of all for you, using Kook means your photographs will tie in perfectly with any online marketing strategy we manage.

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Quality imagery for your business is an investment in its success

The photographs you use to promote your services or products can make a powerful statement about quality, with poorly lit or blurry images communicating a negative message to prospective clients or customers. With more and more consumers seeking authenticity from brands, even overusing stock photos comes with a risk – especially if they’re obviously stock or if the same image is also used by a competitor.

It’s vital in today’s competitive landscape for a business to always present itself in the best possible light. One of the ways to do this, of course, is to utilise professional photography to authentically showcase what you offer in a quality way.

From simple corporate profile photography – headshots or environmental portraits – to more creative commercial photography, we can help.

With imagery playing such a pivotal role in marketing and branding initiatives, including online display advertising, social media posts and website design – all of which tie in with our core services – we’re delighted to also be able to provide photography solutions for our Sunshine Coast and Brisbane clients in-house.


Why choose Kook for your business photography needs?

Our staff photographer Fred McKie, a full-time member of our digital marketing team, came to Kook with 5 years’ experience in providing commercial photography services and producing images for uses as diverse as billboard campaigns to website galleries and social media posts. He’s also been published in The New York Times and various international magazines, as well as receiving several photography awards including a Silver in the Commercial Photography category at the Queensland Professional Photography Awards.

His experience encompasses the following:

  • Corporate headshots
  • Environmental portraits (eg showing you within a scene relevant to your business)
  • Small group portraits
  • Architecture and interiors photography (eg project photography as well as showcasing hotels/resorts and hospitality venues)
  • Food photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Lifestyle photography

Working hand in hand with our Creative Director and/or Digital Marketing Manager, depending on what other projects you have engaged us to handle, our photographer will work on location across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, utilising either ambient light or portable, battery-powered Profoto studio lights to capture images that will enhance your business’s online presence.

Because we know the look and feel we're aiming for with your website, or the strategy behind your advertising campaign, we can take a synergistic approach and create images that will tie in perfectly with your complete online marketing strategy.



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