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Google ad extensions and how we use them to promote your business

A brief overview on the different ad extensions available to us for new Google Ads campaigns.

The latest version of Google AdWords text ads are called Expanded Text Ads. These consist of 2 headlines of 30 characters each, a descriptive text line of up to 80 characters and 2 "pathways" of 15 characters each. 

All in all, it's more text than the discontinued standard text ads previously available to AdWords advertisers, but it still leaves a lot to be desired to convey your message.

That's where ad extensions come in to play!

What Are Google AdWords Ad Extensions?

Google AdWords ad extensions are additional lines of text available to help better promote your business within search results on Google. 

What Ad Extensions Are Available?

While Google often makes beta (or experimental) ad extensions available to us for our clients before they're available to the public, we utilise the following primary ad extensions with most of our search campaigns

  • Call Extensions: Wondering how to track which ads make the phone ring? Google AdWords call extensions add an additional line of text to your ads with a call icon to allow potential customers to call you directly from search results without ever having to visit your website. 

  • Message Extensions: For those customers who want a quick answer to a question but hate speaking on the phone, Google has a message extension that allows them to send a text message directly from their mobile device to the advertiser. We can even add pre-populated messages to make it even easier!

  • Sitelink Extensions: These links direct customers back to specific pages on your website and can be very handy for branding! Most ad formats allow 4 of these to show with any 1 ad in search results.

  • Callout Extensions: These are like mini-ads within your ads, allowing you to place additional lines of text 25 characters or less along with your ads. 

  • Structured Snippets Extensions: There are a variety of formats available here, but these are best to highlight product, models or service selections for your business, or other structured lists.

  • Location Extension: An extra line of text showing where your business is located with GPS directions available and another call extension. 

Other extensions include affiliate location extensions, price extensions, promotion extensions and app extensions for those who want to promote an app. 

The addition of an ad extension has a proven positive impact on click through rates (CTR) for ads. 

If you're interested in a professionally designed AdWords search campaign, please contact the digital marketing experts at Kook today!

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