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After being live for several years most websites can do with a complete facelift to freshen them up, do away with outdated design elements, make them more engaging and help improve conversions. It’s true also that not every new site performs well after launch and many can benefit from a makeover early in their life cycle, whether simply adding in additional Call To Action buttons and confidence triggers or a total design overall. Here at Kook, we not only stay abreast of design trends but also best practices to help you rank higher on search engines and get your site to convert better.

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How a website makeover can boost your business

Have you ever found yourself browsing a website and noticing either that things look a little outdated or issues with functionality? When this happens, it can not only be frustrating, but most likely also negatively influence any decision to make a purchase or do business with the company in question.

If your website is also looking dated, things aren’t really working the way they should or navigating your site simply isn’t intuitive to the user, it’s likely hurting your sales or other business goals.

Well-designed websites are not only better at generating traffic, but also have better conversion rates. Some common signs that your site is in desperate need of a face lift include:

  • It’s been built to be viewed on a desktop computer, but looks terrible and/or functions poorly on mobile devices
  • It’s still using Flash, which is not supported by mobile devices, requires visitors to install a plugin to view it on a desktop computer and cannot actually be read by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo – making it extremely hard for customers to find you
  • You’re ranking very poorly in search engine results, indicating the strategy around search engine optimisation needs to be revamped and brought into line with current SEO best practices based on the latest search engine algorithms
  • Your bounce rate, a metric that shows what percentage of visitors to your site leave after viewing only the page on which they landed, is going through the roof
  • It’s slow to load, which is a major turnoff for most people
  • It simply looks old or you are concerned once-trendy design elements are now out of fashion and giving a poor first impression of your brand

A website make over can involve myriad components, but commonly this sort of project will range from ensuring mobile responsiveness so your site works well regardless of what device it’s viewed on and fixing navigation issues – both of which directly affect usability – through to ensuring brand consistency across the site and adding crucial elements that help build confidence and trust or provide a clear Call To Action.

When you’re refreshing your website design, it’s also an opportunity to consider whether the actual site content – graphics, photos, videos and the actual copy – is also outdated.

Why choose Kook for your website upgrade?

Our team of web experts can not only give your website a fresh look, make it function better, help it rank better and optimise it for conversions, including utilising our experienced web developers to customise almost anything you can think of or handle third-party software integrations … we can also assist with content creation and updating information or contact details as required. Whatever is needed, we can create a package to suit.

We aim to keep our website makeover projects affordable, while ensuring they are effective in meet your needs. Each project receives a dedicated project manager, to work with you and achieve an outcome that will help drive your business towards achieving its desired goals.

We have no support ticketing systems. Instead, during your makeover project, you will talk directly to the people performing the work to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

We’re experienced at working with popular Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPressMagentoShopify, Squarespace, Joomla and Drupal. We can also make over some custom CMS websites as well.

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