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Is the look of your Magento website outdated or are you wanting to revamp it to make it mobile responsive, rank higher on Google or improve conversions to help you achieve your ecommerce goals? A website makeover can include freshening up the overall design, but at Kook we also seek to enhance user experience, strengthen your Call To Action and ensure strategic placement of confidence triggers. In addition to SEO benefits to help you pull in more traffic, our aim is to better engage visitors and get you more sales.

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Why DIY is not an option for Magento website upgrades

The base Magento 2 platform, the latest and only actively supported Magento version, is quite powerful, with a large number of features built in and a variety of visually-appealing templates, however it’s best to leave installation, maintenance and makeovers for this Content Management System (CMS) in the hands of someone with experience.

Take heed: Any shortcuts initially taken will cause larger costs over time due to problems such as the site stopping functioning entirely, or modified functionality disappearing with an update, not uncommon.

It’s also important to note that Magento, by itself, uses up a large number of resources.

While a standard shared hosting environment could host 20-30 WordPress sites, for example, the same physical environment would struggle to host two Magento sites and would need specific resources setup to do so – in most cases, a dedicated hosting environment.

With Magento 2, even something as small as installing a new module will require an experienced programmer to run a series of commands directly within the server, not within a dashboard. A similar process is required for any changes to the templates.

Because of this most Magento sites are managed in a way that all components and design changes are made in a development phase before the site is launched, then only changed when required, to minimise potential downtime.



Why choose Kook for your Magento revamp?

Our team of web experts includes developers with Magento 2 experience. This is vitally important, as due to the complex nature of the Magento structure, there’s many common traps to be avoided. For example, if a developer without Magento experience has been making small changes, but making these changes in the core areas of the site rather than overriding the core areas with either templates or custom modules, these modifications can come undone if Magento is updated – which needs to happen occasionally due to security breaches.

A properly maintained Magento 2 site will have a large number of modules, specific to the changes from the norm, and an equally complex template file. These will be separated from the core files so that when an update is required, very few changes are actually needed (if any) so that the security updates don’t impact anything the site is trying to achieve.

At Kook, we always implement best practice processes when handling Magento website make overs.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that due to the complexity of Magento modules – even those that seemingly only achieve a small change – they can be quite expensive to either develop in-house or purchase in comparison to alternative CMS platforms. As well, there are far fewer options for extensions, due to the complex development requirements.

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