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Integrated Solutions

What is an integrated solution?

Often a website is a channel for communication between customer and your business. This may be in the form of enquiries, leads, bookings or the complete sales process.

Integrated solutions involve connecting the information obtained through the website to your business software that helps run your business.

When do you need an integrated solution?

Integration between your website and internal software is recommended when it is more efficient than the alternative. For example a customer that sells 2000 products online and has a physical store that uses as POS (point of sale) system to sell these items would benefit greatly from integrating the POS to the website. This means that when they change a price or add a product, they only need to make the change in the POS system and the change will automatically be made on the website. However if this customer was only selling 10 items online there would be little need for this integration. Therefore the cost of integration needs to be lower than the cost of not integrating solutions.

Examples of integrated solutions

  • Website leads and sales inquiries automatically transferred to business’s existing CRM (customer relationship manager)
  • Products imported daily from existing POS (Point of Sale) or accounting package
  • Real time stock management integration (a sale from the website automatically adjusting stock in your internal software)
  • Invoices and sales send into your accounting package daily from website
  • Products automatically listed on www.ebay.com.au as well as your website
  • Complex freight calculations performed in real time through www.temando.com.au

What will it cost?

The cost for the solution depends completely on your requirements and the solutions the website will integrate with.

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