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When it comes to your brand, we all know how critical it is to ensure it engages your market. You know, a nice logo, catchy slogan and all that jazz.

But in a modern world, the first impression a customer gets of your business is how they interact with your website. “Does it work well?” is arguably more important than “does it look good?”. You are being judged (sub-consciously or otherwise) from the very first glance at your Home Page. So yes, your logo is important, but there’s a whole lot more you need to get right to entrench your name in people’s memories.

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At Kook we’ve not only helped with a LOT of logo designs and revamps and catchy slogans, we’ve also developed more than 1000 websites over 15 years, so know what makes a web page layout work best.


Where we are different to your average “creative agency”;

  • Implementation – We actually execute complete online brand strategies, not just making the theory sound great on a whiteboard and handing it to someone else to make happen.
  • Experience – What works best on a mobile device may not work on a desktop computer. We know how large should the fonts be, why photos need to be better than “good enough”, even down to what colour Add To Cart buttons work better than others in terms of conversion rate.
  • Testing, analysis, refinement – Most importantly, we don’t just rely on our experience, we make sure we’re right by testing. We can provide all kinds of split testing, A/B testing etc to see what changes to layouts, colours, copy, call to action etc all make sure you are making the most of your leads.
  • Analysis and refinement – What’s the point of putting your valuable marketing dollars into promoting your website if people get there and click away?
  • Questions we ask – Do you know that what elements of the site sit where on the page is critical to getting higher enquiry? And how that element needs to move around on a mobile versus a desktop versus a tablet? What if you could try a different colour background and see if people stay longer? Or put the video at the top of the page rather than the bottom and see if you sell more of your product?

All of these things combine to make your first impression in today’s digital age. Makes that logo design look kinda simple, doesn’t it?!

So if you are considering anything from a logo refresh to answering those nagging questions about whether your website really is as good as it could be, talk to Kook.


To redefine the web presence of this successful online business to increase customer base & conversion rate.


Communicating with the senior management team at Baby Shop Direct we were able to identify their core values and work on redefining their brand proposition.

What our customers say

“Kook have proactively assisted Videopro to maximise web traffic and conversion; Last year alone they implemented several key strategies to drive up sales including remodelling our Google shopping feeds and our remarketing campaigns. This lead to dramatic increases in ROI for Ad-spend, and allowed our brand to be more ‘sticky’, following our customers after their experiences with us.  Further, to increase conversion, Kook moved the entire store over to SSL, and implemented Google Trusted stores – making Videopro a reliable “trusted” online store. Kook have been a very reliable partner with our ecommerce site; so much so, that we selected them to build a Business Solutions site to service our B2B clients.
Kook worked tirelessly to integrate the new website with our existing systems, working with several different stakeholders within Videopro to achieve the ideal result.”

–  Marketing Coordinator, Videopro –

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If you are looking for a business-minded, digital agency of creative web marketing professionals – not just someone who builds websites, but someone who thrives on building your complete online marketing strategy – put us through our paces and fill in the form below or call 07 54 777 990 right now!

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Honest. We don't make promises we can't keep, so we’ll tell you at the start if your idea is feasible.

Reliable. Kook is 15 years old and counting - a creative digital agency with staying power.

Team players. Will pick up the pieces from a previous developer or work with another agency.

Large knowledge base. Web design and development, software systems integration, search marketing, SEO and a whole lot more.

Problem-solvers. An established, creative team who are there to support your business. And we have fans who’ll tell you so.

Less Geek factor. We’re real people who prefer face to face meetings and plain English solutions.

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If you are looking for a business-minded, digital agency of creative web marketing professionals - not just someone who builds websites, but someone who thrives on building your complete online marketing strategy - put us through our paces and 07 54 777 990 right now!

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