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WordPress website makeovers

Is the look of your WordPress website outdated or are you wanting to revamp it to make it mobile responsive, rank higher on Google or improve conversions to help you achieve your business goals? A website makeover can include freshening up the overall design, but at Kook we also seek to enhance user experience, strengthen your Call To Action and ensure strategic placement of confidence triggers. In addition to SEO benefits to help you pull in more traffic, our aim is to better engage visitors and get you more business.

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How to know it's time for a WordPress website upgrade

Having an outdated website, or one with functionality issues, is a problem for any business. It can damage your brand, hurt your search engine rankings, lower your conversion rate and generally be detrimental to your success.

There’s a few obvious signs that you need a WordPress website upgrade. For example:

  • It’s not mobile-friendly: This is no longer an option, as the majority of Google searches are now done on mobile devices. The easiest solution may be updating to a new WordPress theme that is mobile responsive, however this is not always preferable. Alternatively, having a web developer insert code into your current theme can also solve this problem.
  • Your search engine ranking is very low: Google’s algorithms take a lot of different factors into account in determining where your website will show up in search results. Resolving technical SEO issues – such as broken links, long titles tags or missing meta descriptions – and generally bringing your website into line with current SEO best practices is best left to an expert.
  • Your bounce rate is high and/or your site is slow to load.
  • You still use a hit counter, blog-type sidebar on your business website’s home page or any other outdated design elements or styling – including illegible or hideous font choices – that distract from a clear Call To Action.



Isn’t WordPress intended for DIY?

Most open source Content Management Systems (CMS) are billed as a simple way to DIY a website but the fact is that if open source software breaks you get to keep all the pieces. While a CMS can provide a simple and effortless means for you to make changes to your website, WordPress can be a complex beast when it comes to making any serious improvements as is intended with any make over project.

WordPress has many moving parts working in sync, including a wide array of plugins that can be used to extend and expand functionality, but this means there’s many pressure points where things can go drastically wrong. If you opt to DIY, be prepared to spend a lot of time – and put in a lot of frustrated effort – updating your website, including diagnosing and solving every problem you come across.

Also keep in mind that WordPress is written using PHP as the scripting language. Do you know PHP?

Like WordPress, PHP is also open source.

Why choose Kook for your WordPress revamp?

Our team of web experts can not only give your website a fresh look, make the navigation more intuitive, help it rank better and optimise it for conversions, we can also help you to add custom functionality.

Our experienced PHP developers can customise plugins and modules, as well as integrate third-party software.

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