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Shopify eCommerce website makeovers

Have you set up your own Shopify website, but are struggling to generate sufficient sales? Perhaps you’ve experienced some success and now want to take things to the next level? A website makeover can include enhancing the overall design, but at Kook we also seek to enhance user experience, strengthen your Call To Action and ensure strategic placement of confidence triggers with the ultimate aim of converting more visitors into customers and increasing your transactions.

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Components of a Shopify website upgrade

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform with mobile-responsive designs and plenty of themes, integrations and optimisations available. It’s intended for DIY online store setups, but even when utilising out-of-the-box templates there’s plenty of pitfalls for those without experience in creating eCommerce websites, such as:

  • Choosing the wrong theme
  • Branding inconsistencies
  • Using poor-quality product images
  • Slow pageload times
  • Information overload or design clutter
  • Text overlays on images that are hard to read
  • Not including confidence triggers or any clear Call To Action
  • Failing to optimise the grouping of your products in collections
  • Broken links or site navigation that isn’t intuitive
  • Generally failing to implement user experience best practices

Furthermore, you may simply be overlooking potential integrations that would hugely benefit your site.

All of the above will be taken into account during any Shopify website revamp.



Why choose Kook to give your Shopify website a refresh?

Our team of web experts define the scope of your project in advance of commencing the make over project, prioritising the highest impact items that can be achieved within your budget.

Whether you simply want a fresh look, improve functionality and user experience, optimise the website for conversions or a combination of all of these improvements, we will review your website and determine the best course of action.

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