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How do you get to No1 on Google?

Here at Kook, we provide a results-oriented Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service, to increase both the volume and quality of your website traffic. The term ‘search engine optimisation’ refers to the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines through the ‘natural’ or ‘un-paid’ search results.

Search engine optimisation has been proven to yield a more effective return on investment, generating higher traffic, better quality sales leads and more customer acquisitions in comparison to any other marketing channel.

The Facts

It has been stated that 93% of users do not look further than the first two pages of search results, significantly highlighting the importance of staying competitive online. Search engine optimisation has emerged a quantifiable and effective marketing process, with more than half of online purchases originating from search engines.

In order to assist you in reaching your target market, we completely customise and tailor our search engine optimisation strategy to meet your needs. At Kook, we make it our mission to put you at the front of your competition, and the top of your search results.



What this means for you

Search engine optimisation involves improving both the usability and accessibility of your website to create more valuable content and structure, Kook continuously achieves this through;

  • A comprehensive analysis of your website structure
  • An evaluation of your current search performance
  • An extensive industry and competitor analysis
  • A focus on balancing both quantity and quality

Kook strives to develop a productive and rewarding business relationship with its clients. We not only offer constant customer support, but also on-going customer education and advice.

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