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Comparison Advertising

Online comparison advertising refers to advertising on comparison shopping sites, a market that is seeing considerable growth in recent years. Comparison shopping sites offer a significant advantage over other cost-per-click pricing sources, as the target users are informed and knowledgeable. This means that the traffic you are attracting to your site knows the price, the product and they have selected your website amongst the various other vendors selling the same product.  For this reason, it is important that your product is price competitive; otherwise you will receive minimal traffic.

The Facts

Comparison shopping sites can produce a steady stream of qualified leads for your business. Whether it’s GetPrice, Shopbot or MyShopping, comparison advertising provides an effective venue for e-commerce sites of any size in any industry.

  • More than a fifth of online shoppers use comparison shopping websites
  • More than 60% of comparison-site shoppers are likely to make a purchase
  • These comparison-site shoppers spend roughly a quarter more than other online users

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