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Optimising your company’s approach to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful resource when it comes to social media marketing and is an important tool in particular for B2B companies, but it has the lowest frequency of visitation of all the major social networks. This is important to know, as your company’s messaging should be targeted towards less frequent usage.....
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Google PageSpeed Score - why it's critical to rankings

Google wants two things from a modern website in order to rank it highly – informative content and premium user experience. Because of this, Google assesses how quickly your site’s pages load and it knows if it’s all too slow your visitors won’t like it … so it will put someone else’s site above yours in its organic search results.....
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Google and its smartphone-friendly website icon

If you are a webmaster or search engine professional, then you need to understand the importance of optimising your search engine results. Even though some of these optimisations are seemingly insignificant, they can provide compounding benefits for your websites traffic and conversions. Since the listings within search engine results are relatively restricted by Google, small optimisations that set your website apart from the crowd are crucial.....
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Dealing with negative reviews

Online negative ratings, comments and reviews are an unavoidable risk of any business or organisation. It has been proven time and time again that dissatisfied customers and clients are more than likely to share their experience rather than customers who had a good to great experience.....
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The Google Analytics URL Builder

The Google Analytics URL Builder is a free tool from Google that allows users to analyse which of their marketing efforts are generating traffic and conversions. Whether you’re creating a unique link for your newsletter campaign or a Facebook status, the Google Analytics URL Builder produces much more reliable website traffic data. ....
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Google Gmail Ads

Google Gmail Ads now allow AdWords clients to run more action-orientated display ads that are easily implemented through the Google ad builder and have a huge reach (1 Billion Gmail users Globally each month). The GSPs are high-impact appearing in the Gmail inbox in a message-like format. ....
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Digital marketing advice for tourism operators

As a preferred web developer for the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, Kook knows many of the issues that face tourism industry providers. On this page, we have put together the first of a series of articles you may find useful, but there is a wealth of information going back many years in our blog you may also want to check out.....
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Snapchat Advertising with Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters are an exciting new way to build brand awareness and brand credibility. Snapchat has recently released an upload functionality for their filters which previously was only available for Snapchat staff. This gives birth to great campaign opportunities for businesses big or small who have good branding and/or a social disposition. Campaigns can be tailored to suit most budgets and are a great implementation for brands/business with upcoming events who....
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Beware SEO companies who promise Google rankings

So you’ve just received the fourth email this week from another company you’ve never heard of saying you aren’t doing as well in Google’s search rankings as you could be. Paradoxically, they usually start with something like “I found your site on the web, but you aren’t ranking very well”. Beware false promises or SEO guarantees We strongly advise caution when it comes to dealing with these types of companies. They are notorious for making....
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Google AdWords Click to Message extension

Google has released a great new ad extension for Google AdWords clients and Kook is excited that our AdWords clients were among the first to beta test it in Australia! Click to Message is an alternative to Click to Call, and gives viewers of paid search ads using smartphones and other web-enabled phone devices yet another easy way to communicate with an advertiser. First, let’s quickly review how Click to Call works. Click to....
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HTML5 animated banner ads are premium real estate

What are HTML5 Animated Banner Ads? HTML5 Animated Banner Ads are animated and interactive banner advertisements which are a commonly accepted format of display advertising in 2016, this is due to the HTML5 format displaying correctly across all devices (including phones and tablets). HTML5 banner ads can be used across the entire Google Display Network (GDN). With over 2 million Display Network sites that reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide, there are plenty of....
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Google AdWords: Expanded Text Ads overview

What Are Expanded Text Ads? Expanded Text Ads (ETA’s) are the next generation of AdWords text ads, designed for a mobile-first world with both users and advertisers in mind. Expanded Text Ads are approximately 2x bigger than standard text ads and Google reports that Expanded Text Ads are seeing an approximate 20% increase in CTR (Click Through Rate). Expanded Text Ads differ from Standard Text Ads in a few important ways.....
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What is Webmastering?

What is Webmastering? Webmastering is about creating the best possible website, and that’s a very easy thing to say and rather more complex to achieve. Webmastering is about giving you the best possible chance for someone to view your website and potentially get them involved one way or another with your business. Webmastering can be anything from simple content changes that can be managed easily with a content management system, to complete website upgrades that....
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Facebook Ads 101: Why am I seeing this?

Picture this: You’re fooling around on Facebook, arguing about politics or the Footy or watching a video of your second cousin’s 6 year old playing soccer, when suddenly a “Sponsored” post in your news feed catches your eye. Maybe it gets your attention because it seems completely irrelevant to you. Maybe it gets your attention because it’s giving you a major case of d?j? vu. Or maybe it gets your attention because it seems to....
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Facebook Lead Ads generation boosts conversion

Facebook Advertising has seen massive improvements in 2016 and some of the latest additions are making serious inroads into increasing conversion. Using Facebook Lead Ads, you can now keep your potential customer right there on Facebook to fill in an inquiry form, significantly boosting the drop-out rate seen when sending them to your website to put the enquiry through. (see screenshots below) This type of campaign is perfect for campaigns that are focused on capturing....
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Is your site mobile friendly? Find out now!

We all know how important it is to have a mobile friendly website. Wait, you didn’t know? OK, here’s a quick summary. It’s really really really really really important for your website to display properly on all sorts of different devices. Because the fact is, more and more consumers are viewing your business’ website on a smartphone or tablet. And a website that displays properly on big or small screens of various dimensions is best....
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Google Remarketing: static versus animated ads

Remarketing Google’s Remarketing service allows businesses to advertise to customers that have already visited their website. This creates a ‘sticky’ presence for the brand, generating a more loyal audience who are less likely to forget the brand. Serving engaging banner ads to the remarketing audience is crucial, so deciding between static and animated ads is not something to choose lightly. Static versus Animated Ads Web advertising banners on the ....
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Instagram advertising in Australia

Instagram advertising has launched in Australia and is quickly grabbing a slice of the online marketing pie alongside the likes of Facebook and Google advertising. Kook has been launching customers into Instagram since the day it launched and, while it’s a little early to tell the success as far as ROI goes, the signs are promising. We have found the cost per conversion a little higher than Facebook and Google and ....
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Facebook advertising

The power of advertising on Facebook. There are multiple types of Facebook advertising. Demographic targeting This is where you target people based on where they live, how old they are, relationships, etc. eg, I want to show my ad to males between 25 and 45 years old within 20km radius of Maroochydore who are interested in surfing. This method is the least “targetted” approach, but is....
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Managing the budget: how AdWords paces your daily budget

Keyword choices and matching options, ad structure and content, bidding strategy, networks… these are all critical factors that help determine whether or not your AdWords campaign will be successful. But one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when setting up a new Google AdWords campaign is something you’ll need decide in one of the first steps of your campaign setup: your campaign’s daily budget. A campaign’s daily budget is the highest you’re....
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Reaching your goals of maximising profit in AdWords

Having recently renewed my Google AdWords certification, I definitely have AdWords on the brain as of late. And in studying for the exams that are required to renew an AdWords certification, my mind is now swimming with all the delightful metrics AdWords uses to measure success. There are dozens of different metrics you can use to determine how effective your AdWords campaign has been in achieving your business goals. And with over a decade....
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Google Analytics & fixing referral spam

We’re big believers in the power of website data, and understand the importance and value it has in driving your business decisions. So what do you do when there’s problems with the quality of your website data? What Is Google Analytics Referral Spam? Recently, there has been significant increases in the volume of referral spam within Google Analytics. While Google Analytics does a fairly good job at determining whether visits are from bots or real....
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Why join Google Trusted Stores?

Google Trusted Stores As customers abandon physical stores in favour of online shopping, the importance of maintaining a creditable store with good customer service grows. However, one of the core difference between the online and in-store retail experience lies in the consumer’s confidence. It is often more difficult to communicate and demonstrate the quality and integrity of your store in a digital environment. Google Trusted Stores is just one solution to addressing this problem. In....
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Adaptive digital engagement

If you want to know why Kook solutions are smarter than “just a website” look no further than what we call our “Adaptive Digital Engagement” platform. The idea behind this system is to intelligently sell different USPs to different audiences in order to maximise sales conversion. This involves a multi-pronged AdWords/Social Media marketing/Google Remarketing/Google Shopping/Database marketing strategy that sells a business’s Unique Selling Points via a clever self-learning system. This adaptive system means it shows....
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Blogs – just content by another name

“Do I need a blog?” Something we get asked all the time. Usually we ask why the client thinks they need a blog. “Because we’ve heard they help you rank better”, is the usual response. True, but it’s not the “blog” that makes you rank, it’s the content. And the very nature of blogs means sometimes the content can diverge quite a bit from your core business, and for that reason you need to be....
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